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Summer in Beijing, the poster

Reading the news that Cahiers du Cinéma has been bought by Phaidon Press, I realised that although I don’t speak Frence, I do have a copy of this magazine. It must be sometime in 1999, I was told by a friend I knew through Sina’s movie forum that Cahiers du Cinéma had published a special issue about Hong Kong movies. He lived in Paris and kindly decided to sent me a copy of this issue, although we had never met. We did meet when I visited Paris the first time.

Of course I didn’t understand a word of what written in that issue, but one picture struke me. That was a poster of Wong Kar Wai’s planned film Summer in Bejing, a dark glassed, short-trousered Tony Leung Chiu-Wai standing in front of the Museum of Chinese Revolution, looking into a binoculars. The project was laterly dropped and that poster seems to exist just to remind us what could be.

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