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1987 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 302 (303)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 4 (4) Animation 1 (1) TV 4 (4)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
151 Project A II (1987)A计划续集A計劃續集Hong Kong
152 Raging Flame Grievance (1987)望春风望春風Mainland China
153 Rain in Summer and Dream in Winter (1987)夏之雨,冬之梦夏之雨,冬之夢Mainland China
154 Red Sorghum (1987)红高粱紅高粱Mainland China
155 Red and White (1987)红与白紅與白Mainland China
156 Rent-A-Cop (1987)业余警察業余警察Mainland China
157 Return Of The Demon (1987)魔高一丈魔高一丈Hong Kong
158 Rich and Famous (1987)江湖情江湖情Hong Kong
159 River Dragon, The (1987)过江龙過江龍Mainland China
160 Road Warriors (1987)铁血骑警鐵血騎警Hong Kong
161 Robber in Bailing (1987)巴陵窃贼巴陵竊賊Mainland China
162 Rock Kids (1987)摇滚青年搖滾青年Mainland China
163 Romance of Book and Sword (1987)书剑恩仇录書劍恩仇錄Mainland China/Hong Kong
164 Romancing Star, The (1987)精装追女仔精裝追女仔Hong Kong
165 Rouge (1987)胭脂扣胭脂扣Hong Kong
166 Rumors Run Deep (1987)女人国的污染报告女人國的污染報告Mainland China
167 Salute to My Instructor (1987)敬礼!我的教官敬禮!我的教官Mainland China
168 Sapporo Story (1987)异乡故事異鄉故事Hong Kong
169 Scared Stiff (1987)小生梦惊魂小生夢驚魂Hong Kong
170 The Sea Plan (1987)大海计划大海計劃Taiwan
171 Secrets of the Confucian Manor (1987)孔府秘事孔府秘事Mainland China
172 Seven Years Itch (1987)七年之痒七年之癢Hong Kong
173 Shooting From Behind (1987)枪,从背後打来槍,從背後打來Mainland China
174 Sister Cupid (1987)天赐良缘天賜良緣Hong Kong
175 Snowman Under the Sun (1987)太阳下的雪人太陽下的雪人Mainland China
176 Soccer Heroes (1987)京都球侠京都球俠Mainland China
177 Somewhere My Love (1987)不归路不歸路Taiwan
178 Song of Ancient Hunting (1987)远古猎歌遠古獵歌Mainland China
179 Spiritual Love (1987)鬼新娘鬼新娘Hong Kong
180 The Story of Beijing (1987)北京故事北京故事Mainland China
181 Strawman (1987)稻草人稻草人Taiwan
182 Street Players, The (1987)鼓书艺人鼓書藝人Mainland China
183 The Sun Setting (1987)残照殘照Mainland China
184 Sunshine and Showers (1987)太阳雨太陽雨Mainland China
185 Suppress Bandits in West Hunan Part I (1987)湘西剿匪记第一集湘西剿匪記第一集Mainland China
186 Suppress Bandits in West Hunan Part II (1987)湘西剿匪记第二集湘西剿匪記第二集Mainland China
187 Sweet Formations (1987)甜蜜的编队甜蜜的編隊Mainland China
188 Sworn Brothers (1987)肝胆相照肝膽相照Hong Kong
189 Tailor and a Foreign Girl, A (1987)土裁缝与洋小姐土裁縫與洋小姐Mainland China
190 Take His Name (1987)冒名顶替冒名頂替Mainland China
191 Teenagers, The (1987)少男少女们少男少女們Mainland China
192 Tender Glasses, A (1987)温柔的眼镜溫柔的眼鏡Mainland China
193 Third Class Citizen, The (1987)三等国民三等國民Mainland China
194 The Third Party (1987)谁是第三者誰是第三者Mainland China
195 Thirty Million Rush, The (1987)横财三千万橫財三千萬Hong Kong
196 Thrown Together By Fate (1987)天音天音Mainland China
197 To Err Is Humane (1987)标错参標錯参Hong Kong
198 Tow Dowagers (1987)两宫皇太后兩宮皇太后Mainland China
199 A Town Panic (1987)疯狂的小镇瘋狂的小鎮Mainland China
200 Tragic Hero (1987)英雄好汉英雄好漢Hong Kong
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