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1992 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 283 (284)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 3 (3) Animation 1 (1) TV 9 (9)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
101 Key to Portune (1992)私钟真面目私鐘真面目Hong Kong
102 Kickboxer's Tears (1992)新龙争虎斗新龍爭虎鬥Hong Kong
103 King of Beggars (1992)武状元苏乞儿武狀元蘇乞兒Hong Kong
104 King of Chess (1992)棋王棋王Hong Kong
105 Kiss of Poison (1992)毒吻毒吻Mainland China
106 L'amant (1992) [non-Chinese]情人情人France
107 Laboratory of Devil (1992)集之杀人工集之殺人工Hong Kong
108 Ladies Killer (1992)羔羊大律师羔羊大律師Hong Kong
109 A Lady Left Behind (1992)留守女士留守女士Mainland China
110 Lethal Contact (1992)龙猫烧须龍貓燒鬚Hong Kong
111 Looking for Fun (1992)找乐找樂Mainland China
112 Love in Sampan (1992)舢舨92舢舨92Hong Kong
113 Lover's Tear (1992)誓不忘情誓不忘情Hong Kong
114 Lovere lady (1992)少女狂插曲少女狂插曲Hong Kong
115 Loyal Hero (1992)侠骨风流俠骨風流Mainland China
116 Lucky Encounter (1992)踢到宝踢到寶Hong Kong
117 Lucky Way (1992)大八卦大八卦Hong Kong
118 Mad Mad Ghost (1992)鬼打鬼之黄金道士鬼打鬼之黃金道士Hong Kong
119 The Magic Touch (1992)神算神算Hong Kong
120 Mainland Dundee (1992)我来自北京我來自北京Hong Kong
121 Man '93 (1992)93女爱男欢93女愛男歡Hong Kong
122 Man of Love, A (1992)人非草木人非草木Mainland China
123 Man of the Times (1992)一代枭雄之三支旗一代梟雄之三支旗Hong Kong
124 Mao Zedong's Story (1992)毛泽东的故事毛澤東的故事Mainland China
125 Mary from Beijing (1992)梦醒时分夢醒時分Mainland China/Hong Kong/Taiwan
126 Midlight Lover (1992)午夜情人午夜情人Hong Kong
127 The Mighty Gambler (1992)胜者为王勝者為王Hong Kong
128 Miracle 90 Days (1992)特异功能猩求人特異功能猩求人Hong Kong
129 Misty (1992)雾都情仇霧都情仇Hong Kong
130 Moment of Romance II, A (1992)天若有情 II之天长地久天若有情 II之天長地久Hong Kong
131 The Moon Warriors (1992)战神传说戰神傳說Hong Kong
132 Mr. Vampire 1992 (1992)新僵尸先生新殭屍先生Hong Kong
133 Mr. Vampire 1992 (1992)新疆尸先生新疆尸先生Hong Kong
134 The Musical Vampire (1992)音乐僵尸音樂殭屍Hong Kong
135 My Americanize Wife (1992)两屋一妻兩屋一妻Hong Kong
136 My Pretty Companion (1992)伴我俪人伴我儷人Hong Kong
137 My Wife's Lover (1992)太太的情人太太的情人Hong Kong
138 The Mystery Beggar (1992)乱世瓢丐亂世瓢丐Mainland China
139 The Naked Killer (1992)赤裸羔羊赤裸羔羊Hong Kong
140 Never Ending Summer (1992)吴三桂与陈圆圆吳三桂與陳圓圓Hong Kong
141 Night Life Hero (1992)油尖少爷油尖少爺Hong Kong
142 Night Rider, The (1992)车神車神Hong Kong
143 No Regrets About Youth (1992)青春无悔青春無悔Mainland China
144 Now You See Love, Now You Don't (1992)我爱扭纹柴我愛扭紋柴Hong Kong
145 Old Scores and New (1992)新仇旧恨新仇舊恨Mainland China
146 Once Upon a Time a Hero in China (1992)黄飞鸿笑传黃飛鴻笑傳Hong Kong
147 Once Upon a Time in China II (1992)黄飞鸿 II:男儿当自强黃飛鴻 II:男兒當自強Hong Kong
148 Once Upon a Time in China III (1992)黄飞鸿 III:狮王争霸黃飛鴻 III:獅王爭霸Hong Kong
149 Once a Black Sheep (1992)草莽英雌草莽英雌Hong Kong
150 One Step Beyond (1992)大灵通大靈通Hong Kong
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