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2007 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 119 (163)

Others: Short 2 (2) Documentary 13 (18) Animation 1 (1) TV 41 (44)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
151pinyin shi4 ri4 gong4 ying4 (2007) [Planning]是日公映是日公映Hong Kong
152pinyin shuang1 long2 hui4 (2007) [Finished]双龙会雙龍會Hong Kong
153pinyin shun4 jian1 zhi1 lu:3 (2007) [Planning]瞬间之旅瞬間之旅Mainland China
154pinyin si4 ji4 (2007) [Planning]四季四季Mainland China
155pinyin ting2 zhi3 hu1 xi1 (2007) [Post-production]停止呼吸停止呼吸Mainland China
156pinyin wo3 de shi2 xi2 sheng1 huo2 (2007)我的实习生活我的實習生活Mainland China
157pinyin wo3 de zuo3 shou3 (2007)我的左手我的左手Mainland China
158pinyin wo3 men2 jie2 hun1 ba (2007) [Planning]我们结婚吧我們結婚吧Mainland China
159pinyin xiang1 ba1 la1 xin4 shi3 (2007)香巴拉信使香巴拉信使Mainland China
160pinyin yi1 gong1 li3 (2007) [Planning]一公里一公里Hong Kong
161pinyin yin3 xing2 de chi4 bang3 (2007)隐形的翅膀隱形的翅膀Mainland China
162pinyin zhong1 hua2 da4 zhang4 fu1 (2007) [Planning]中华大丈夫中華大丈夫Hong Kong
163请将我遗忘請將我遺忘Mainland China
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