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1926 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 106 (106)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 0 Animation 1 (1)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
1 After Hijacking (1926)险姻缘險姻緣China
2 All for Parents (1926)小孝子小孝子China
3 All of Love (1926)可怜天下父母心可憐天下父母心China
4 A Bastard (1926)倡门之子倡門之子China
5 The Big Leather Bag (1926)大皮包大皮包China
6 Bloody Hands (1926)血手血手China
7 Catching the Treasure (1926)夺国宝奪國寶China
8 Child Worker, A (1926)一个小工人一個小工人China
9 Close a Rift (1926)情天终补情天終補China
10 Confession, The (1926)良心复活良心復活China
11 Country Maid, The (1926)乡姑娘鄉姑娘China
12 Couple in Name, The (1926)挂名夫妻掛名夫妻China
13 Daughter of a Wealthy Family, The (1926)富人之女富人之女China
14 Deadly Sins, The (1926)孽海惊魂孽海驚魂China
15 Debt Circles (1926)连环债連環債China
16 Embarassing Sister (1926)难为了妹妹難為了妹妹China
17 The Empress Dowager (1926)西太后西太后China
18 False Lover, The (1926)假情人假情人China
19 Family's Heiloom (1926)传家宝傳家寶China
20 Fiancee (1926)未婚妻未婚妻China
21 Flirting Love (1926)唐伯虎点秋香唐伯虎點秋香China
22 Four Commandments (1926)忠孝节义忠孝節義China
23 Freedom of Marriage (1926)逃婚逃婚China
24 General's Daughter, The (1926)将军之女將軍之女China
25 The God of Peace (1926)和平之神和平之神China
26 A Good Guy (1926)好男儿好男兒China
27 He Wants to Have a Baby (1926)早生贵子早生貴子China
28 Hell and Heaven (1926)地狱天堂地獄天堂China
29 Her Sorrows (1926)她的痛苦她的痛苦China
30 A Hero Hidden in Yanshan Mountain (1926)燕山侠隐燕山俠隱China
31 Hero was Frustrated, The (1926)失意的英雄失意的英雄China
32 Home Truth, The (1926)情海风波情海風波China
33 Hypocrite, The (1926)伪君子偽君子China
34 In That Horrified Days (1926)落魄惊魂落魄驚魂China
35 Join the Army and Live (1926)从军梦從軍夢Hong Kong
36 Journey to the West - To be a Bride (1926)西游记·猪八戒招亲西遊記·豬八戒招親China
37 Legendary of Ji Gong Part I (1926)济公活佛第一集濟公活佛第一集China
38 Little Lover, The (1926)小情人小情人China
39 Live on Love (1926)同居之爱同居之愛China
40 Lonely Orchid part I (1926)空谷兰上集空谷蘭上集China
41 Lonely Orchid part II (1926)空谷兰下集空谷蘭下集China
42 Loose Woman, A (1926)芦花余恨蘆花余恨China
43 Love and Gold (1926)爱情与黄金愛情與黃金China
44 A Lovelorn Actress (1926)多情的女伶多情的女伶China
45 The Lovers (1926)梁祝痛史梁祝痛史China
46 Loving Tide (1926)爱河潮愛河潮China
47 Lucky Man, The (1926)呆中福呆中福China
48 Ma Jiefu (1926)马介甫馬介甫China
49 Magic Stick, The (1926)神仙棒神仙棒China
50 Make a Visit (1926)探亲家探親家China
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