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1927 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 110 (110)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 0 Animation 0
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
1 "Brocaded Mouse" Bai Yutang (1927)锦毛鼠白玉堂錦毛鼠白玉堂China
2 "Five Mice" Make Troubles in Capital (1927)五鼠闹东京五鼠鬧東京China
3 Adventure of the Modern Girls (1927)摩登女子历险记摩登女子歷險記China
4 As Their Wishes (1927)奇峰突出奇峰突出China
5 At the End of Her Rope (1927)浪女穷途浪女窮途China
6 Bachelor Secres, A (1927)卫女士的职业衛女士的職業China
7 Bandits From Shantung (1927)山东响马山東響馬China
8 Beauty Behind the Curtain (1927)隔帘花影隔簾花影China
9 A Beauty of 16 (1927)二八佳人二八佳人China
10 Big Shot, The (1927)实业大王實業大王China
11 Blessing (1927)天仙赐福天仙賜福China
12 Bloodshed on Mandarin Duck Mansion (1927)武松血溅鸳鸯楼武松血濺鴛鴦樓China
13 Brother's Love Story (1927)哥哥的艳福哥哥的艶福China
14 Burns Pipa Spirit (1927)封神榜·姜子牙火烧琵琶精封神榜·姜子牙火燒琵琶精China
15 Case of Lost Baby - Prince Part I, The (1927)狸猫换太子上集貍貓換太子上集China
16 Case of Lost Baby - Prince Part II, The (1927)狸猫换太子下集貍貓換太子下集China
17 Competed with Each Other (1927)桃李争春桃李爭春China
18 Conquers the Dragon King (1927)封神榜·哪吒闹海封神榜·哪吒鬧海China
19 Crushing Bowl, A (1927)刘关张大破黄巾劉關張大破黃巾China
20 Cuiping Mountain (1927)翠屏山石秀杀奸翠屏山石秀殺奸China
21 Divorce Comedies (1927)月老离婚月老離婚China
22 Dream by the Lake (1927)湖边春梦湖邊春夢China
23 The Dream of Red Mansions (1927)红楼梦紅樓夢China
24 Dream, The (1927)风流梦風流夢China
25 Emperor Visits the Hell (1927)唐皇游地府唐皇游地府China
26 Fairy Maiden (1927)凌波仙子淩波仙子China
27 Fallen Plum Blossoms Part I (1927)梅花落上集梅花落上集China
28 Fallen Plum Blossoms Part II (1927)梅花落中集梅花落中集China
29 Fallen Plum Blossoms Part III (1927)梅花落下集梅花落下集China
30 Farsighted Person, A (1927)千里眼千里眼China
31 Female Lawyer, The (1927)女律师女律師China
32 For the Sake of Them All (1927)拯亲救国拯親救國China
33 Fortunes is Smiling (1927)时来运转時來運轉China
34 Four Guardian Warriors (1927)四大金刚四大金剛China
35 Golden Dream (1927)黄金梦黃金夢China
36 Green Peony Part I (1927)宏碧缘第一集宏碧緣第一集China
37 Green Peony Part II (1927)宏碧缘第二集宏碧緣第二集China
38 Green Peony Part III (1927)宏碧缘第三集宏碧緣第三集China
39 Green Peony Part IV (1927)宏碧缘第四集宏碧緣第四集China
40 Hate of a Arrow (1927)一箭仇一箭仇China
41 Hero and Heroine I (1927)儿女英雄兒女英雄China
42 Hunter's Legend, The (1927)田七郎田七郎China
43 Imperial Concubine Yang Guifei (1927)杨贵妃楊貴妃China
44 Imperial Concubine Yang of Beijing (1927)北京杨贵妃北京楊貴妃China
45 Internecine Feud (1927)同室操戈同室操戈China
46 Jiang Laowu and Her Boyfriend (1927)蒋老五殉情记蔣老五殉情記China
47 Jiaxing Eight Beauties I (1927)嘉兴八美图第一集嘉興八美圖第一集China
48 Karma (1927)兰因絮果蘭因絮果China
49 Ladies Kingdom (1927)西游记·女儿国西遊記·女兒國China
50 Legend of the Three (1927)风尘三侠風塵三俠China
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