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1928 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 95 (95)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 0 Animation 0
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
1 Ashes of the Lotus (1928)美人关美人關China
2 Attack the Gaotang County (1928)大破高唐州大破高唐州China
3 Avalokitesvara's Way (1928)观音得道觀音得道China
4 Avenge with Knife (1928)火窟钢刀火窟鋼刀China
5 Blood of the Detective (1928)侦探血偵探血China
6 Bloodshed on the Lion Chamber (1928)武松大闹狮子楼武松大鬧獅子樓China
7 Bottomless Den, The (1928)西游记·无底洞西遊記·無底洞China
8 Boxer (1928)拳大王拳大王China
9 The Burning of Red Lotus Temple (1928)火烧红莲寺火燒紅蓮寺China
10 Burning of Red Lotus Temple, The part 2 (1928)火烧红莲寺第二集火燒紅蓮寺第二集China
11 Burning of Red Lotus Temple, The part 3 (1928)火烧红莲寺第三集火燒紅蓮寺第三集China
12 Complicated Plot Part I, A (1928)柳暗花明前集柳暗花明前集China
13 Complicated Plot Part II, A (1928)柳暗花明後集柳暗花明後集China
14 Dark Secrets of the Qing Court, The (1928)清宫秘史清宮秘史China
15 Date of Ne Zha's Birth, The (1928)哪吒出世哪吒出世China
16 Det. Girl (1928)女侦探女偵探China
17 Di Qing (1928)狄青大闹万花楼狄青大鬧萬花樓China
18 The Diamond Case (1928)金刚钻金剛鑽China
19 Divorce (1928)离婚離婚China
20 Fabulous Swordsman, A (1928)荒唐剑客荒唐劍客China
21 Fang Shiyu Takes a Challenge (1928)新少林寺·方世玉打擂台新少林寺·方世玉打擂台China
22 Female Evil in the Way, The (1928)杨文广平南楊文廣平南China
23 Five Revengeful Girls (1928)五女复仇五女復仇China
24 Flying Man, The (1928)航空大侠航空大俠China
25 Flying Shoes, The (1928)飞行鞋飛行鞋China
26 Gan Fengchi (1928)大侠甘凤池大俠甘鳳池China
27 The Hate of Gold Thread (1928)金缕恨金縷恨China
28 He and She (1928)江湖情侠江湖情俠China
29 Her Surroundings (1928)她的环境她的環境China
30 Heritage's Trouble (1928)泣荆花泣荊花China
31 Hero and Heroine II (1928)儿女英雄第二集兒女英雄第二集China
32 Heroes From Yanshan Mountain (1928)燕山豪侠燕山豪俠China
33 Heroine in Black, The (1928)黑衣女侠黑衣女俠China
34 Honey-Sweet Brother (1928)多情的哥哥多情的哥哥China
35 Hong Hai'Er (1928)红孩儿紅孩兒China
36 Hua Mulan Joins the Army (1928)木兰从军木蘭從軍China
37 Huang Tianba Looks for a Wife (1928)黄天霸招亲黃天霸招親China
38 King of Money, The (1928)金钱之王金錢之王China
39 Kings of Hell (1928)十殿阎王十殿閻王China
40 Lady's Lover, The (1928)侠女救夫人俠女救夫人China
41 Legend of the Flying Dragon (1928)飞龙传飛龍傳China
42 Liang Tianlai Goes To Court Part I (1928)石室奇冤上集石室奇冤上集China
43 Liang Tianlai Goes To Court Part II (1928)石室奇冤下集石室奇冤下集China
44 Lin Chong (1928)豹子头林冲豹子頭林沖China
45 Little Detective, A (1928)小侦探小偵探China
46 Lotus Cave, The (1928)莲花洞蓮花洞China
47 Love Story on Classmates (1928)一脚踢出去一腳踢出去China
48 Lu Binhua Wipes Out Monster (1928)卢鬓花盧鬢花China
49 Lu Binhua Wipes Out Monster II (1928)万丈魔萬丈魔China
50 Luminous Pearl, A (1928)夜光珠夜光珠China
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