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1932 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 16 (17)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 0 Animation 0
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
1 Cry of the Cuckoo in the Temple (1932)古寺鹃声古寺鵑聲Hong Kong
2 Daybreak (1932)天明天明China
3 Gunshot at Midnight (1932)夜半枪声夜半槍聲Hong Kong
4 Shanghai Express (1932) [non-Chinese]Shanghai ExpressShanghai ExpressUSA
5 Spring in the South (1932)南国之春南國之春China
6 Three Modern Women (1932)三个摩登女性三個摩登女性China
7 Wild Rose (1932)野玫瑰野玫瑰China
8pinyin ba1 jiao1 ye4 shang4 shi1 (1932)芭蕉叶上诗芭蕉葉上詩China
9pinyin fen3 hong2 se4 de5 meng4 (1932)粉红色的梦粉紅色的夢China
10pinyin fen4 dou4 (1932)奋斗奋斗China
11pinyin gong4 fu4 guo2 nan4 (1932)共赴国难共赴國難China
12pinyin huo3 shan1 qing2 xie3 (1932)火山情血火山情血China
13pinyin lan2 gu3 ping2 zong1 (1932)兰谷萍踪蘭谷萍蹤China
14pinyin pi2 pa5 chun1 yuan4 (1932)琵琶春怨琵琶春怨China
15pinyin ren2 dao4 (1932)人道人道China
16pinyin ti2 xiao4 yin1 yuan2 di4 yi1 ji2 (1932)啼笑因缘第一集啼笑因緣第一集China
17pinyin xu4 gu4 dou1 chun1 meng4 (1932)续故都春梦續故都春夢China

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