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1958 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 344 (346)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 4 (4) Animation 0
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
101 Love and Hate in Jianghu (1958)江湖恩仇江湖恩仇Hong Kong
102 Love and Money (1958)爱情与金钱愛情與金錢Hong Kong
103 The Love between a Human and a Ghost (1958)人鬼恋人鬼戀Hong Kong
104 Love with an Alien (1958)异国情鸳異國情鴛Hong Kong
105 The Lovers on the Milky Way (1958)天河配天河配Hong Kong
106 Lovers' Tears (1958)鸳鸯泪鴛鴦淚Hong Kong
107 Loving the Factory as One's Home (1958)爱厂如家愛廠如家Mainland China
108 The Lucky Star of the Golden Palace (1958)金殿福星金殿福星Hong Kong
109 Mad Monk (1958)碧海狂僧碧海狂僧Hong Kong
110 The Magic Box (1958)月宫宝盒月宮寶盒Hong Kong
111 The Magic Touch (1958)妙手回春妙手回春Hong Kong
112 The Making of Sorrows of the Forbidden City (1958)《清宫怨》特辑《清宮怨》特輯Hong Kong
113 Mambo Lady (1958)曼波姑娘曼波姑娘Hong Kong
114 Man-kei's Return to the Han People (1958)文姬归汉文姬歸漢Hong Kong
115 The Marriage of the Two Princesses (1958)三王嫁二乔三王嫁二喬Hong Kong
116 Marriage on the Rocks (1958)婚变婚變Hong Kong
117 Marrying into Your Own Class (1958)龙交龙凤交凤龍交龍鳳交鳳Hong Kong
118 Martial Arts Contest Special (1958)拳师大会战-台港澳国术比赛特辑拳師大會戰-台港澳國術比賽特輯Hong Kong
119 Massacre of the Innocents (1958)十万童尸十萬童屍Hong Kong
120 Master Feng Mourns Yuerong (1958)冯太爷吊月容馮太爺弔月容Hong Kong
121 Memories of Love (1958)美人春梦美人春夢Hong Kong
122 The Merry Phoenix (1958)彩凤喜迎春彩鳳喜迎春Hong Kong
123 Mischievous Girl (1958)金凤凰金鳳凰Hong Kong
124 Miss Chow Shun (1958)甘蔗姑娘甘蔗姑娘Hong Kong
125 Miss Fragrance (1958)香喷喷小姐香噴噴小姐Hong Kong
126 Monk Chai Kung Sets Fire on the Impenetrable Pipa Spirit (1958)济公火烧琵琶精濟公火燒琵琶精Hong Kong
127 Mother's Broken Heart (1958)儿心碎母心兒心碎母心Hong Kong
128 A Mother's Heart (1958)慈母心慈母心Hong Kong
129 Mr Wang Marries His Daughter to Hong Kong (1958)王先生到香港嫁女王先生到香港嫁女Hong Kong
130 The Muddled Father-in-Law Seizes the Groom (1958)糊涂外父抢新郎糊塗外父搶新郎Hong Kong
131 Murder on a Wedding Night (1958)杀人花烛夜殺人花燭夜Hong Kong
132 Murderer in Town (1958)香城凶影香城兇影Hong Kong
133 My Kingdom for a Honeymoon (1958)璇宫艳史(续集)璇宮艷史(續集)Hong Kong
134 The Nature of Spring (1958)有女怀春有女懷春Hong Kong
135 Nobody's Child (1958)苦儿流浪记苦兒流浪記Hong Kong
136 Number One Scholar's Wife (1958)三审状元妻三審狀元妻Hong Kong
137 Offers Nocturnal Sacrifice to the Crab (1958)蟹仔夜祭蟹美人蟹仔夜祭蟹美人Hong Kong
138 The Old Man from Southeast Asia (1958)南洋亚伯南洋亞伯Hong Kong
139 The Orphan Saves (1958)孤儿救祖孤兒救祖Hong Kong
140 Over My Dead Body (1958)杀妻案殺妻案Hong Kong
141 Over Shoes Over Boots (1958)将错就错將錯就錯Hong Kong
142 A Patriot's Sword (1958)一把存忠剑一把存忠劍Hong Kong
143 Peach Blossom Crossing (1958)桃花搭渡桃花搭渡Hong Kong
144 The Peach Blossom Fairy (1958)桃花仙子桃花仙子Hong Kong
145 A Perfect Match (1958)龙凤姻缘龍鳳姻緣Hong Kong
146 Poisonous Roses (1958)毒玫瑰毒玫瑰Hong Kong
147 The Poor Scholar (1958)乞儿状元乞兒狀元Hong Kong
148 The Precious Lotus Lamp, Part Three (1958)宝莲灯 (三集)寶蓮燈 (三集)Hong Kong
149 A Pretty Girl's Love Affair (1958)玉女春情玉女春情Hong Kong
150 Pretty Tease (1958)风流冤家風流冤家Hong Kong
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