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1962 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 371 (371)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 1 (1) Animation 1 (1)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
1 3 Encounters of Na Zha and Scarlet Boy (1962)哪吒三斗红孩儿哪吒三鬥紅孩兒Hong Kong
2 3 Swordsmen from Emei (1962)峨嵋三剑侠峨嵋三劍俠Hong Kong
3 7 Playful Women (1962)七凤嬉春七鳳嬉春Hong Kong
4 The 7 Tyrants of Jiangnan (1962)横扫江南七霸天橫掃江南七霸天Hong Kong
5 7 Woman Generals (1962)薛门七女将薛門七女將Hong Kong
6 8 Roaming Heroines, Part One (1962)八大女侠闹江湖 (上集)八大女俠鬧江湖 (上集)Hong Kong
7 8 Roaming Heroines, Part Two (1962)八大女侠闹江湖 (下集)八大女俠鬧江湖 (下集)Hong Kong
8 999 The Mysterious Body (1962)九九九怪尸案九九九怪屍案Hong Kong
9 An Act of Righteousness, Part One (1962)仗义还妻(上集)仗義還妻(上集)Hong Kong
10 An Act of Righteousness, Part Two (1962)仗义还妻(下集大结局)仗義還妻(下集大結局)Hong Kong
11 The Adventure of a Stage-fan (1962)戏迷奇遇记戲迷奇遇記Hong Kong
12 After Cease Fire (1962)停战以后停戰以後Mainland China
13 All Because of a Smile (1962)梨涡一笑九重冤梨渦一笑九重冤Hong Kong
14 Autumn Melancholy aka Days of Autumn (1962)秋风秋雨秋風秋雨Hong Kong
15 Awaiting Mother to Return on the Beach (1962)望娘滩望娘灘Hong Kong
16 Awaiting the Husband to Return on a Pavilion (1962)望夫亭望夫亭Hong Kong
17 Banners of Victory (1962)火海胜字旗火海勝字旗Hong Kong
18 The Battle Between the 7 Phoenixes and the Dragon (1962)七凤斗魔龙七鳳鬥魔龍Hong Kong
19 Battle at Sizhou (1962)大战泗洲城大戰泗洲城Hong Kong
20 The Beauty and the Swords-man (1962)美人如玉剑如虹美人如玉劍如虹Hong Kong
21 Beauty in a Fallen City (1962)危城金粉危城金粉Hong Kong
22 The Bedside Story (1962)同床异梦同床異夢Hong Kong
23 Between the Fire Dragon and the Two (1962)火龙怒吞双虎将火龍怒吞雙虎將Hong Kong
24 Big Li, Little Li, and Old Li (1962)大李,小李和老李大李,小李和老李Mainland China
25 The Birth of Shi Guizi (1962)石鬼仔出世石鬼仔出世Hong Kong
26 The Birth of Yue Fei (1962)岳飞出世岳飛出世Hong Kong
27 The Birth of the Monkey King (1962)马骝精出世(上集)馬騮精出世(上集)Hong Kong
28 The Black Fox (1962)黑狐狸黑狐狸Hong Kong
29 Blood is Thicker than Water (1962)难分骨肉情難分骨肉情Hong Kong
30 Blood-stained Shoe (1962)血绣鞋血繡鞋Hong Kong
31 The Bride Napping (1962)花田错花田錯Hong Kong
32 Chain Murder (1962)连环谋杀案連環謀殺案Hong Kong
33 The Chase (1962)步步追踪步步追蹤Hong Kong
34 The Chopper that Becomes a King (1962)斩柴仔封王斬柴仔封王Hong Kong
35 Come Home aka Three Groom for (1962)三婿回门三婿回門Hong Kong
36 Come Rain, Come Shine (1962)野花恋野花戀Hong Kong
37 Commander-in-chief and the Blunt (1962)刁蛮元帅莽将军刁蠻元帥莽將軍Hong Kong
38 A Confusing Honeymoon (1962)真假洞房春真假洞房春Hong Kong
39 A Couple in Cold War (1962)冷战夫妻冷戰夫妻Hong Kong
40 The Devil Bell (1962)秦汉三盗摄魂铃秦漢三盜攝魂鈴Hong Kong
41 Double Date (1962)福慧双修福慧雙修Hong Kong
42 Double Twins (1962)乱点鸳鸯亂點鴛鴦Hong Kong
43 A Dream of Red Mansions (1962)红楼梦紅樓夢Mainland China/Hong Kong
44 Dream of the Red Chamber (1962)红楼梦紅樓夢Hong Kong
45 The Drifting Orphan (1962)飘零孤凤飄零孤鳳Hong Kong
46 Duel on the Black Tiger Mountain (1962)关东第一剑黑虎崖歼仇记關東第一劍黑虎崖殲仇記Hong Kong
47 Emperor Han Lured by the Romantic Tune (1962)一曲琵琶动汉皇一曲琵琶動漢皇Hong Kong
48 Eternal Regret, Part One aka Human Characters (1962)孽海遗恨(上集)孽海遺恨(上集)Hong Kong
49 Eternal Regret, Part Two (1962)孽海遗恨(大结局)孽海遺恨(大結局)Hong Kong
50 The Fake Married Couple (1962)职业夫妻職業夫妻Hong Kong
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