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1981 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 335 (336)

Others: Short 1 (1) Documentary 0 Animation 0 TV 26 (27)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
101 Loyal to Imperial Family (1981)忠烈千秋忠烈千秋Mainland China
102 Lucky Breaks (1981)老衬当旺老襯當旺Hong Kong
103 Ma Qiang a New Soldier (1981)新兵马强新兵馬強Mainland China
104 The Mad Mad Mad Sailors (1981)大力水手大力水手Hong Kong
105 The Mad Mad World (1981)人为财死人為財死Hong Kong
106 Mahjong Heroes (1981)打雀英雄传打雀英雄傳Hong Kong
107 The Man Who Brought Happiness (1981)播种幸福的人播種幸福的人Mainland China
108 Man on the Brink (1981)边缘人邊緣人Hong Kong
109 Marking (1981)领嘢領嘢Hong Kong
110 Martial Club (1981)武馆武館Hong Kong
111 Masked Avengers (1981)叉手叉手Hong Kong
112 Matchmaker, The (1981)红娘紅娘Mainland China
113 Mayor Chen Yi (1981)陈毅市长陳毅市長Mainland China
114 Medicine (1981)Mainland China
115 Midnight (1981)子夜子夜Mainland China
116 Military Years (1981)战斗的年华戰斗的年華Mainland China
117 Mobfix Patrol (1981)冲锋车衝鋒車Hong Kong
118 Model Husband, A (1981)模范丈夫模範丈夫Mainland China
119 The Modern Generation (1981)当代人當代人Mainland China
120 Money Is Lovely (1981)钱搵钱錢搵錢Hong Kong
121 Mrs. Bai was Drunk (1981)白奶奶醉酒白奶奶醉酒Mainland China
122 Murder (1981)绿印綠印Hong Kong
123 Murderer Pursues (1981)踩线踩綫Hong Kong
124 Mutual Hearts (1981)同心结同心結Mainland China
125 My Cape of Many Dreams (1981)梦的衣裳夢的衣裳Taiwan
126 Nanchang Uprising (1981)南昌起义南昌起義Mainland China
127 Neighbours (1981)邻居鄰居Mainland China
128 Never to be Forgotten (1981)风流千古風流千古Mainland China
129 The New South Hand Blows and North Kick Blows (1981)新南拳北腿新南拳北腿Hong Kong
130 No U-Turn (1981)不准掉头不准掉頭Hong Kong
131 Notorious Eight (1981)千门八将千門八將Hong Kong
132 An Old Kung Fu Master (1981)一老一少一根钉一老一少一根釘Hong Kong
133 Older Master Cute (1981)七彩卡通老夫子七彩卡通老夫子Hong Kong
134 On Trial (1981)失业生失業生Hong Kong
135 On the Society File of Shanghai (1981)上海社会档案上海社會檔案Taiwan
136 One Heart One Spirit (1981)童军乐童軍樂Hong Kong
137 One Way Only (1981)单程路單程路Hong Kong
138 Ordinance 17 (1981)伤人十七傷人十七Hong Kong
139 Paris Killer (1981)巴黎杀手巴黎殺手Hong Kong
140 Path, The (1981)小路小路Mainland China
141 Persuasions (1981)杀狗劝妻殺狗勸妻Mainland China
142 The Phantom Killer (1981)粉骷髅粉骷髏Hong Kong
143 Pilot's Symphony (1981)飞行交响曲飛行交響曲Mainland China
144 Pioneer of Revolution, The (1981)革命军中马前卒革命軍中馬前卒Mainland China
145 Poseidon (1981)海神海神Mainland China
146 Postman Strikes Back (1981)巡城马巡城馬Hong Kong
147 The Potress Li Qingzhao (1981)李清照李清照Mainland China
148 Prohibited Area (1981)阿灿有难阿燦有難Hong Kong
149 Rainbow (1981)彩虹彩虹Mainland China
150 Rare Marriage (1981)奇异的婚配奇异的婚配Mainland China
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