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1981 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 335 (336)

Others: Short 1 (1) Documentary 0 Animation 0 TV 26 (27)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
151 Regret for the Past (1981)伤逝傷逝Mainland China
152 Return Of The Deadly Blade (1981)飞刀,又见飞刀飛刀,又見飛刀Hong Kong
153 Return Of The Sentimental Swordsman (1981)魔剑侠情魔劍俠情Hong Kong
154 Revenge Of The Corpse (1981)飞尸飛屍Hong Kong
155 Rivival (1981)苏醒甦醒Mainland China
156 Romance in the Secluded Valley (1981)御马外传御馬外傳Mainland China
157 The Rose Shouldn't Have Broken (1981)不该凋谢的玫瑰不該凋謝的玫瑰Mainland China
158 Sealed With a Kiss (1981)两小无知兩小無知Hong Kong
159 Second Class Resident (1981)二等良民二等良民Hong Kong
160 The Secret Service in Action (1981)特高科在行动特高科在行動Mainland China
161 The Security (1981)煲车煲車Hong Kong
162 Security Unlimited (1981)摩登保镖摩登保鑣Hong Kong
163 Setting Sail (1981)扬帆揚帆Mainland China
164 Sex in Sex (1981)春中春春中春Hong Kong
165 Sexy Career Girls (1981)叻女正传叻女正傳Hong Kong
166 The Shadow of Ghost (1981)潜影潛影Mainland China
167 She is From Mist (1981)她从雾中来她從霧中來Mainland China
168 Smile is Better Than Cry (1981)笑比哭好笑比哭好Mainland China
169 Song in Whirlpool (1981)漩涡里的歌漩渦里的歌Mainland China
170 Soul Ash (1981)灰灵灰靈Hong Kong
171 Spirit of the Sword (1981)剑魂劍魂Mainland China
172 Spring Back to the Red Chamber (1981)春归红楼春歸紅樓Mainland China
173 Spring and Autumn in a Small Town (1981)小城春秋小城春秋Mainland China
174 Spring in Hong Kong (1981)香港小楼春香港小樓春Hong Kong
175 Spring of Li River (1981)漓江春灕江春Mainland China
176 The Spy In the Palace (1981)飞凤潜龙飛鳳潛龍Hong Kong
177 Story of Taxi Dancers (1981)串女.人渣.妙娇娃串女.人渣.妙嬌娃
178 The Story of Woo Viet (1981)胡越的故事胡越的故事Hong Kong
179 Su Xiaosan (1981)苏小三蘇小三Mainland China
180 Super Fool! (1981)龙咁威龍咁威Hong Kong
181 Swallow Song (1981)飞燕曲飛燕曲Mainland China
182 Sweet and Sour (1981)阿灿当差阿燦當差Hong Kong
183 The Sword Stained With Royal Blood (1981)碧血剑碧血劍Hong Kong
184 Taking Jiang Wei by Stragtery (1981)智收姜维智收姜維Mainland China
185 The Third Murder Victim (1981)第三个被谋杀者第三個被謀殺者Mainland China
186 Third Sister Yang Goes to Court (1981)杨三姐告状楊三姐告狀Mainland China
187 To Sir With (1981)交叉零蛋交叉零蛋Hong Kong
188 Tower Of Death (1981)死亡塔死亡塔Hong Kong
189 The Treasure Hunters (1981)龙虎少爷龍虎少爺Hong Kong
190 Treasure in the Desert (1981)沙漠宝窟沙漠寶窟Mainland China
191 True Story of Ah Q (1981)阿Q正传阿Q正傳Mainland China
192 Twins (1981)猛龙福星猛龍福星Hong Kong
193 Wedding Bells, Wedding Belles (1981)公子娇公子嬌Hong Kong
194 Whirlling (1981)螺旋螺旋Mainland China
195 A White Dragon Horse (1981)白龙马白龍馬Mainland China
196 Wildfire in July (1981)七月流火七月流火Mainland China
197 Wish You a Long Life (1981)但愿人长久但願人長久Mainland China
198 Women Soldiers (1981)女兵女兵Mainland China
199 Xi'an Incident (1981)西安事变西安事變Mainland China
200 Xiaohai (1981)小海小海Mainland China
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