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1985 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 283 (283)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 0 Animation 0 TV 9 (9)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
51 The Flying Mr. B (1985)鬼马飞人鬼馬飛人Hong Kong
52 The Food Taster (1985)美食家美食家Mainland China
53 For Your Heart Only (1985)为你钟情為你鐘情Hong Kong
54 Friendly Ghost (1985)老友鬼鬼老友鬼鬼Hong Kong
55 Funny Face (1985)丑小鸭丑小鴨Hong Kong
56 Funny Triple (1985)开心三响炮開心三響炮Hong Kong
57 A Gem Ring (1985)宝石戒指寶石戒指Mainland China
58 Ghost Festival (1985)冷血屠夫冷血屠夫Hong Kong
59 Ghost Sisters (1985)鬼妹鬼妹Mainland China
60 Giant Centre, Dwarf Coach (1985)高中锋,矮教练高中鋒,矮教練Mainland China
61 The Girl and the Stealer (1985)少女与小偷少女與小偷Mainland China
62 The Girl in the Special Economic Zone (1985)特区姑娘特區姑娘Mainland China
63 Golden Dream, The (1985)金色的梦金色的夢Mainland China
64 A Good Woman (1985)良家妇女良家婦女Mainland China
65 Grazy Games (1985)疯狂游戏瘋狂游戲Hong Kong
66 Hai Rui Swears At Emperor (1985)海瑞骂皇帝海瑞駡皇帝Mainland China
67 Happy Ghost II (1985)开心鬼放暑假開心鬼放暑假Hong Kong
68 A Haunted Romance (1985)再世风流劫再世風流劫
69 Head of Regiment and His Wife, The (1985)团长和他的妻子團長和他的妻子Mainland China
70 A Heroine in Melon-Shed (1985)瓜棚女杰瓜棚女杰Mainland China
71 His Matrimony (1985)结婚結婚Taiwan
72 Homesick (1985)乡思鄉思Mainland China
73 Hong Kong Godfather (1985)尖东枭雄尖東梟雄Hong Kong
74 Hong Kong Graffiti (1985)女人风情话女人風情話Hong Kong
75 The Horse Galloping to the Screen (1985)奔向银幕的马奔向銀幕的馬Mainland China
76 Horse Thief (1985)盗马贼盜馬賊Mainland China
77 How Are You My Friends (1985)青春节拍青春節拍Hong Kong
78 I Do (1985)我愿意我願意Hong Kong
79 Illegal Immigrant (1985)非法移民非法移民Hong Kong
80 In the Wild Mountains (1985)野山野山Mainland China
81 Incompatible (1985)秦川情秦川情Mainland China
82 Incredible Kids In China (1985)中国神童中國神童Hong Kong
83 Infatuation (1985)1/2段情1/2段情Hong Kong
84 The Intellectual Trio (1985)龙凤智多星龍鳳智多星Hong Kong
85 Intrigue in Honeymoon (1985)蜜月的阴谋蜜月的陰謀Mainland China
86 The Island (1985)生死线生死線Hong Kong
87 Isle of Fantasy, The (1985)开心乐园開心樂園Hong Kong
88 It's A Drink, It's A Bomb (1985)圣诞奇遇结良缘聖誕奇遇結良緣Hong Kong
89 Journey of the Doomed (1985)水儿武士水兒武士Hong Kong
90 Joys and Sorrows of Marriage (1985)酸辣姻缘酸辣姻緣Mainland China
91 Juvenile Delinquents (1985)少年犯少年犯Mainland China
92 Jyan Ying Bridge (1985)箭瑛大桥箭瑛大橋Taiwan
93 Killing In The Nude (1985)献身獻身
94 King of the Panners (1985)淘金王淘金王
95 Kuei-Mei, A Woman (1985)我这样过了一生我這樣過了一生Taiwan
96 Kung Fu Hero Wang Wu (1985)大刀王五大刀王五Mainland China
97 Kung Hei Fat Choy (1985)恭喜发财恭喜發財Hong Kong
98 The Last Clue of the Big Case (1985)世界奇案的最后线索世界奇案的最後綫索Mainland China
99 The Last Empress (1985)末代皇后末代皇后Mainland China/Hong Kong
100 Legend of Eight Immortals (1985)八仙的传说八仙的傳說Mainland China
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