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1985 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 283 (283)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 0 Animation 0 TV 9 (9)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
101 Legend of Embroideress (1985)绣花女传奇綉花女傳奇Mainland China
102 Legend of Lion Players, The (1985)舞狮人传奇舞獅人傳奇Mainland China
103 Let Us Flirt, Partner (1985)摩登神探摩登神探Hong Kong
104 Let's Have A Baby (1985)替枪老豆替槍老豆Hong Kong
105 Let's Make Laugh II (1985)再见七日情再見七日情Hong Kong
106 Lion Tamer, The (1985)驯狮三郎馴獅三郎Mainland China
107 Little House Under the Moon, The (1985)月光下的小屋月光下的小屋Mainland China
108 Look At Me, Miss (1985)姑娘,望着我姑娘,望著我Mainland China
109 The Lost Necklace (1985)三宝闹深圳三寶鬧深圳Mainland China/Hong Kong
110 Lost Veil, The (1985)飘逝的花头巾飄逝的花頭巾Mainland China
111 Love With a Perfect Stranger (1985)错点鸳鸯錯點鴛鴦Hong Kong
112 Love and Hate (1985)爱与恨愛與恨Mainland China
113 Lucky Diamond (1985)祝您好运祝您好運Hong Kong
114 Madame Shexiang (1985)奢香夫人奢香夫人Mainland China
115 Make Good For Defficiency (1985)取长补短取長補短Mainland China
116 Man Behind the Sun (1985)黑太阳731黑太陽731Hong Kong
117 The Master Strikes Back (1985)教头发威教頭發威Hong Kong
118 The Matted-Coffin Part 2 (1985)卷席筒(二)捲蓆筒(二)Mainland China
119 Men and Women (1985)男人们和女人们男人們和女人們Mainland China
120 Men with Self-Confident (1985)自信的男子汉们自信的男子漢們Hong Kong
121 Miracle Happened Again (1985)奇迹的再现奇跡的再現Mainland China
122 Mismatched Couples (1985)情逢敌手情逢敵手Hong Kong
123 The Missed Date (1985)初一十五初一十五Hong Kong
124 Modern Cinderella (1985)摩登仙履奇缘摩登仙履奇緣Hong Kong
125 Modern Detective (1985)拍档闯情关拍檔闖情關
126 Modern Wrestling (1985)现代角斗士現代角鬥士Mainland China
127 Mr. Boo Meets Pom Pom (1985)智勇三宝智勇三寶Hong Kong
128 Mr. Vampire (1985)僵尸先生殭屍先生Hong Kong
129 Mummy Dearest (1985)四眼仔四眼仔Hong Kong
130 Murderer Among Ourselves (1985)主犯在你身边主犯在你身邊Mainland China
131 Murky Shadows Over the Gorges (1985)峡江疑影峽江疑影Mainland China
132 Musical Singer (1985)歌舞升平歌舞昇平Hong Kong
133 My Lucky Stars (1985)福星高照福星高照Hong Kong
134 My Mind, Your Body (1985)错体人錯體人Hong Kong
135 My Name Ain't Suzie (1985)花街时代花街時代Hong Kong
136 Mysterious Caravan, The (1985)神秘的旅行团神秘的旅行團Mainland China
137 A Narrow Lane Celebrity (1985)小巷名流小巷名流Mainland China
138 Night Caller (1985)平安夜平安夜Hong Kong
139 Night Truck (1985)夜行货车夜行貨車Mainland China
140 Nights in Nanjing (1985)金陵之夜金陵之夜Mainland China
141 Oh, My God (1985)超龄处男超齡處男Hong Kong
142 On the Hunting Ground (1985)猎场扎撒獵場扎撒Mainland China
143 Ormosia Inn (1985)相思女子客店相思女子客店Mainland China
144 Our Retired Veterans (1985)咱们的退伍兵咱們的退伍兵Mainland China
145 Outcast, The (1985)野妈妈野媽媽Mainland China
146 Papa's Spring (1985)阳春老爸陽春老爸Taiwan
147 Police Story (1985)警察故事警察故事Hong Kong
148 Pretty Girl Ah Ping (1985)靓女阿萍靚女阿萍Mainland China
149 Princess Hibiscus (1985)芙蓉花仙芙蓉花仙Mainland China
150 The Protector (1985)威龙猛探威龍猛探Hong Kong
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