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1985 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 283 (283)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 0 Animation 0 TV 9 (9)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
151 Puppy Love (1985)斗气小神仙鬥氣小神仙Hong Kong
152 Pure in Heart, The (1985)净土淨土Mainland China
153 Pursuit Of A Killer (1985)江湖了断江湖了斷Hong Kong
154 Recluse of the Bamboo Forest (1985)竹林隐士竹林隱士Mainland China
155 Rescued from Desperation (1985)绝处逢生絕處逢生Mainland China
156 Richman From Overseas, The (1985)南洋富翁南洋富翁Mainland China
157 Robbery in E'Mei Mountain (1985)峨嵋飞盗峨嵋飛盜Mainland China
158 Rocky's Love Affairs (1985)偷情偷情Hong Kong
159 Romance of the Spear (1985)花枪缘花槍緣Mainland China
160 Sacrifice of Youth (1985)青春祭青春祭Mainland China
161 Sailing-Boat Girls (1985)帆板姑娘帆板姑娘Mainland China
162 Sank to the Indian Ocean (1985)雷比利号沉没在印度洋雷比利號沉沒在印度洋Mainland China
163 Savage (1985)野人野人Mainland China
164 Secrets From Husband (1985)丈夫的秘密丈夫的秘密Mainland China
165 Senji Dema (1985)森吉德玛森吉德瑪Mainland China
166 Seven Angels (1985)欢场歡場Hong Kong
167 Seven Heroines (1985)巾帼英烈巾幗英烈Mainland China
168 Shanghai Adventure (1985)疯狂上海滩瘋狂上海灘Hong Kong
169 Sheng Xia and Her Fiance (1985)盛夏和她的未婚夫盛夏和她的未婚夫Mainland China
170 Shooting by the Suolun River (1985)索伦河谷的枪声索倫河谷的槍聲Mainland China
171 Shop-Girl, A (1985)亲人親人Mainland China
172 Silent Drizzle (1985)无声的雨丝無聲的雨絲Mainland China
173 Smile Again (1985)花女情狂花女情狂Hong Kong
174 Soldiers in Full Uniform (1985)穿校官服的小兵穿校官服的小兵Mainland China
175 Song At Midnight (1985)夜半歌声夜半歌聲Mainland China
176 Song of the Chinese Revolution (1985)中国革命之歌中國革命之歌Mainland China
177 Spring in Autumn (1985)秋天里的春天秋天里的春天Mainland China
178 Stories of Laojun Village (1985)老君寨奇闻老君寨奇聞Mainland China
179 Street Guitarsts (1985)路边吉它对路邊吉它對Mainland China
180 Such Thing Like Money (1985)钱,这东西……錢,這東西……Mainland China
181 Sunrise (1985)日出日出Mainland China
182 Superstar (1985)大明星大明星Mainland China
183 Suspect, The (1985)嫌疑犯嫌疑犯Mainland China
184 Tai Chi Chun (1985)太极拳太極拳Hong Kong
185 Taipei Story (1985)青梅竹马青梅竹馬Taiwan
186 Talented Leader, The (1985)风流局长風流局長Mainland China
187 Taste of Mercy (1985)慈悲的滋味慈悲的滋味
188 Temptation Of Dance (1985)爵士驾到爵士駕到Hong Kong
189 This Man Is Dangerous (1985)山东狂人山東狂人Hong Kong
190 Those Merry Souls (1985)时来运转時來運轉Hong Kong
191 Tibet (1985)神秘的西藏神秘的西藏Hong Kong
192 The Time You Need a Friend (1985)笑匠笑匠Taiwan
193 The Time to Live and the Time to Die (1985)童年往事童年往事Taiwan
194 Twinkle, Twinkle, Lucky Stars (1985)夏日福星夏日福星Hong Kong
195 Twisted Love (1985)现代豪放女現代豪放女
196 Two Jolly Cops (1985)妙探仔宝妙探孖寶Hong Kong
197 Unforgetable Fantasy (1985)小狐仙小狐仙Hong Kong
198 University in Exile (1985)流亡大学流亡大學Mainland China
199 An Unresolved Case (1985)本案没有结束本案沒有結束Mainland China
200 Untouchably Yours (1985)摸错骨摸錯骨Hong Kong
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