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1994 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 295 (295)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 1 (1) Animation 0 TV 7 (7)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
101 The Great Conqueror's Concubine (1994)西楚霸王西楚霸王Hong Kong
102 The Green Hornet (1994)青蜂侠青蜂俠Hong Kong
103 Grieved Gunfighter (1994)悲情枪手悲情槍手Mainland China
104 Guards on Railroads (1994)伏虎铁鹰伏虎鐵鷹Mainland China
105 Gun of Dragon (1994)虎穴屠龙之轰天陷阱虎穴屠龍之轟天陷阱Hong Kong
106 HK Adam's Family (1994)奸人世家奸人世家Hong Kong
107 Hail the Judge (1994)九品芝麻官之白面包青天九品芝麻官之白面包青天Hong Kong
108 He and She (1994)姊妹情深姊妹情深Hong Kong
109 He is a Woman, She is a Man (1994)金枝玉叶金枝玉葉Hong Kong
110 Heaven and Earth (1994)天与地天與地Hong Kong
111 Hello! Who is It! (1994)喂!搵边位?喂!搵邊位?Hong Kong
112 Her Fatal Ways IV (1994)表姐,你好嘢! IV之情不自禁表姐,你好嘢! IV之情不自禁Hong Kong
113 Hero on the Wrong Way (1994)歧路英雄歧路英雄Mainland China
114 Horror Hours (1994)惊恐时分驚恐時分Mainland China
115 How On Earth is in the Hell (1994)地狱究竟有几层地獄究竟有幾層Mainland China
116 Hua Mulan in Legend (1994)木兰传奇木蘭傳奇Mainland China
117 Humourists (1994)真假幽默大师真假幽默大師Mainland China
118 Hunting Wolf Pack (1994)追捕野狼帮追捕野狼幫Mainland China
119 I Have a Date with Spring (1994)我和春天有个约会我和春天有個約會Hong Kong
120 I Have a Daughter (1994)我家有女我家有女Mainland China
121 I Wanna Be Your Man!! (1994)神探磨辘神探磨轆Hong Kong
122 I Will Wait For You (1994)年年有今日年年有今日Hong Kong
123 I've Got You, Babe!!! (1994)播种情人播種情人Hong Kong
124 In Between (1994)新同居时代新同居時代Hong Kong
125 In Frightful Days (1994)永无宁日永無寧日Mainland China
126 In the Heat of Summer (1994)点指兵兵之青年干探點指兵兵之青年干探Hong Kong
127 In the Prodigal Street (1994)浪子街浪子街Mainland China
128 Inside Track, The (1994)马神馬神Hong Kong
129 Intelligence in Gulong Town (1994)古龙镇谍影古龍鎮諜影Mainland China
130 It's Not Easy Being a Man (1994)男人也难男人也難Mainland China
131 It's a Wonderful Life (1994)大富之家大富之家Hong Kong
132 Jade King-History of a Chinese Muslim Family, The (1994)月落玉长河月落玉長河Mainland China/Hong Kong
133 Jail of No Reture, The (1994)死亡监狱死亡監獄Hong Kong
134 Jiruo and His Deer (1994)金秋鹿鸣金秋鹿鳴Mainland China
135 King of the Sea (1994)张保仔張保仔Hong Kong
136 Kung Fu Scholar, The (1994)伦文叙老点柳开先倫文敘老點柳開先Hong Kong
137 La Peinter (1994)画魂畫魂Mainland China/Taiwan
138 Lantern (1994)灯笼燈籠Hong Kong
139 Last Tragedy, The (1994)欲霸天下欲霸天下Mainland China
140 Law on the Brink (1994)流氓律师流氓律師Hong Kong
141 Legend of the Emperor Yan (1994)炎帝传奇炎帝傳奇Mainland China
142 Legendary Romance in the Forbidden City (1994)紫禁城奇恋紫禁城奇戀Mainland China
143 Let's Go Slam Dunk (1994)男儿当入樽男兒當入樽Hong Kong
144 Long Live Soldiers (1994)弹道无痕彈道無痕Taiwan
145 Long Live Women (1994)女人万岁女人萬歲Mainland China
146 The Long March (1994)金沙水拍金沙水拍Mainland China
147 Long and Winding Road (1994)锦绣前程錦綉前程Hong Kong
148 Longest Rainbow, The (1994)最长的彩虹最長的彩虹Mainland China
149 Lost My Love (1994)永失我爱永失我愛Mainland China
150 Lov eMe or Love My Cow (1994)痴男,怨女和牛痴男,怨女和牛Mainland China
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