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2007 Film List (Yearly film list)

TV 41 (44)

Others: Feature Film 119 (163) Short 2 (2) Documentary 13 (18) Animation 1 (1)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
1TV Series Basketball (2007)斗牛,要不要鬥牛,要不要Taiwan
2TV Series Best Selling Secrets (2007)同事三分亲 OL的故事同事三分親 OL的故事Hong Kong
3TV Series Big Shot (2007)大人物大人物Mainland China
4TV Series The Drive of Life (2007)岁月风云歲月風雲Mainland China/Hong Kong
5TV Series East Hegemon (2007)东方霸主之谁与争锋東方霸主之誰與爭鋒Mainland China/Hong Kong
6TV Series Emerald on the Roof (2007)屋顶上的绿宝石屋頂上的綠寶石Mainland China
7TV Series Eonian Hero (2007)逐日英雄逐日英雄
8TV Series The Fortune of a Beauty (2007)红颜的岁月紅顔的歲月Mainland China
9TV Series Huo Yuan Jia (2007)霍元甲霍元甲Mainland China/Hong Kong
10TV Series The Legend and the Hero (2007)封神榜封神榜Mainland China
11TV Series The Legend of Love (2007)牛郎织女牛郎織女Hong Kong
12TV Series Life Art (2007)写意人生寫意人生Hong Kong
13TV Series Love Insurance of Dream Detective (2007)情爱保险情愛保險Mainland China
14TV Series Love at First Fight (2007)武十郎武十郎Mainland China
15TV Movie Marco Polo (2007) [non-Chinese]Marco PoloMarco PoloUSA
16TV Series Muddy But Pure White (2007)泥巴色的纯白泥巴色的純白Taiwan
17TV Series My Depraved Brothers (2007)义本同心義本同心
18TV Series Network Love Story (2007)一网情深一網情深Hong Kong
19TV Series New Breathe of Love (2007)爱情新呼吸愛情新呼吸Taiwan
20TV Series Project A (2007)A计划A計劃Mainland China/Hong Kong
21TV Series Queen's (2007)至尊玻璃鞋至尊玻璃鞋Mainland China
22TV Series Romantic Princess (2007)公主小妹公主小妹Taiwan
23TV Series Sign of His Highness (2007)一生为奴一生為奴Mainland China
24TV Series The Spirit of the Sword (2007)浣花洗剑录浣花洗劍錄Hong Kong
25TV Series Summer X Summer (2007)热情仲夏熱情仲夏Taiwan
26TV Series The Tearful Sword (2007)泪痕剑淚痕劍Mainland China
27TV Series Ten Brothers (2007)十兄弟十兄弟Hong Kong
28TV Series Thanks For Having Loved Me (2007)谢谢你曾经爱过我謝謝你曾經愛過我Mainland China
29TV Series They Kiss Again (2007)恶作剧2吻惡作劇2吻Taiwan
30TV Series Tutor Queen (2007)补习天后補習天后Hong Kong
31TV Series War and Destiny (2007)乱世佳人亂世佳人Hong Kong
32TV Series Wars of In-laws II (2007)野蛮奶奶大战戈师奶野蠻奶奶大戰戈師奶Hong Kong
33TV Series Wayward Kenting (2007)我的垦丁天气晴我的墾丁天氣晴Taiwan
34TV Series Why Why Love (2007)换换爱換換愛Taiwan
35TV Series Wish to See You Again (2007)这里发现爱這裡發現愛Taiwan
36TV Series The X-Family (2007)终极一家終極一家Taiwan
37pinyinTV Series ai4 qing2 san3 hao3 liang3 huai4 (2007)爱情三好两坏愛情三好兩壞Taiwan
38pinyinTV Series cheng2 du1, jin1 ye4 qing3 jiang1 wo3 yi2 wang4 (2007)成都,今夜请将我遗忘成都,今夜請將我遺忘Mainland China
39pinyinTV Series chong2 qing2 die2 zhan4 (2007) [In Production]重庆谍战重慶諜戰Mainland China
40pinyinTV Series fei1 chang2 nü3 jing3 (2007)非常女警非常女警Mainland China
41pinyinTV Series jia1 (2007)Mainland China
42pinyinTV Series ma2 que4 ai4 shang4 feng4 huang2 (2007)麻雀爱上凤凰痲雀愛上鳳凰Mainland China
43pinyinTV Series mei3 li4 xin1 tian1 di4 (2007)美丽新天地美麗新天地Mainland China/Hong Kong
44pinyinTV Series wo3 men2 liang3 de hun1 yin1 (2007) [In Production]我们俩的婚姻我們倆的婚姻

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