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Tea Fight (2008)Before I saw this movie, the name of this movie attracted my attention ,’ Tea Fight’. When I knew the plot of ‘tea fight’, it made me more curious about that. The story said many years ago, there had two type of tribe, they separately made two type of tea, one kind of tea called 公黑金茶, the other one called 母黑金茶, and there had a strife between this two tea.

After saw this movie, the first part of the movie is the animation, it is su......Full text

Review written by: space
The Fatality (2008)
The Fatality (2008)
A Taiwan-Thai co-production 2008 The Fatality tells story of an unsuccessful Taiwanese man who commits suicide in Taipei only to find himself wake up in the body of a coma victim in Bangkok.. Everything seems to be perfect till the soul dispelled from the body comes back for his right with a vengeance....... Full text

Plot summary written by: Irishlass240
Days of Being Wild (1991) The story and the plot are generally in the same flow. However, the plot has a bit more self-narrative of the characters and a bit more extra scenes of the story. The word "extra" I use is meaning the scenes irrelevant to the flow of story, but not the story itself. For instances, the two scenes of bird view's of the tropical rain forest in the beginning and ending of movie with Yuddy's self-narration, the scene of hospital in Hong Kong s......Full text

Review written by: Enrica Ho
CJ7 (2008)
CJ7 (2008)
The latest comedy from Stephen Chow, CJ7 is a fantasy tale featuring state of the art visual effects. A poor laborer father (Chow) and his young son's lives are turned upside down when a fascinating and strange new pet enters their world. Amid the resulting comic mayhem, they ultimately learn a poignant lesson about the true nature of family and the things money can't buy.Full text

Plot summary written by: synopsis
The Sparkle in the Dark (2008)
The Sparkle in the Dark (2008)
One night about twelve years ago, a big lorry crashed into the house of Siu Ho with high speed accidentally. Siu Ho's home disappeared in just a while. Siu Ho was the only survivor. However, the pain of being alone has deeply hurt him. To him, remaining alive seemed to be a punishment. Siu Ho has grown into another person. He is peculiar and fierce. Until one day, he meets a man who has changed his life. This man calls himself as a private sol......Full text

Plot summary written by: synopsis
Lust, Caution (2007)
Lust, Caution (2007)
The trailer for Ang Lee’s latest was enticing enough to start with. A mixture of thriller/romance/action. However, I was every so slightly wary after seeing the plot outline - it sounded like a very predictable made-for-Hollywood film. Not the kind I’m usually into.

The film spurned talk and gained the Korean audience’s curiosity by its rumored provocative sex scenes and news sources announced that the pre-screening was he......Full text

Review written by: Vivian Lee

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