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1980 Film List (Yearly film list)

TV 26 (26)

Others: Feature Film 331 (332) Short 0 Documentary 1 (1) Animation 0
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
1TV Series The Bund II (1980)上海滩续集上海灘續集Hong Kong
2TV Series The Bund III (1980)上海滩龙争虎斗上海灘龍爭虎鬥Hong Kong
3TV Series The Family (1980)势不两立勢不兩立Hong Kong
4TV Series Fatherland I : Home on the River Pearl (1980)大地恩情之家在珠江大地恩情之家在珠江Hong Kong
5TV Series Fatherland II : Radical City (1980)大地恩情之古都惊雷大地恩情之古都驚雷Hong Kong
6TV Series Five Easy Pieces (1980)轮流传輪流傳Hong Kong
7TV Series Gone With the Wind (1980)浮生六劫浮生六劫Hong Kong
8TV Series Little Wish (1980)小小心愿小小心願Hong Kong
9TV Series The Shell Game (1980)千王之王千王之王Hong Kong
10TV Series Tai Chi Master (1980)太极张三丰太極張三豐Hong Kong
11TV Series Tai Chi Master II (1980)游侠张三丰游俠張三豐Hong Kong
12pinyinTV Series chong1 ji1 (1980)冲击衝擊Hong Kong
13pinyinTV Series di2 ying2 shi2 ba1 nian2 (1980)敌营十八年敵營十八年Mainland China
14pinyinTV Series feng1 yun2 (1980)风云風雲Hong Kong
15pinyinTV Series huan1 le4 qun2 ying1 (1980)欢乐群英歡樂群英Hong Kong
16pinyinTV Series jing1 hua2 chun1 meng4 (1980)京华春梦京華春夢Hong Kong
17pinyinTV Series long2 chou2 feng4 xue3 (1980)龙仇凤血龍仇鳳血Hong Kong
18pinyinTV Series luan4 shi4 er2 nu:3 (1980)乱世儿女亂世兒女Hong Kong
19pinyinTV Series qin1 qing2 (1980)亲情親情Hong Kong
20pinyinTV Series ren2 zai4 jiang1 hu2 (1980)人在江湖人在江湖Hong Kong
21pinyinTV Series ren2 zhe3 wu2 di2 (1980)仁者无敌仁者無敵Hong Kong
22pinyinTV Series shan1 shui3 you3 xiang1 feng2 (1980)山水有相逢山水有相逢Hong Kong
23pinyinTV Series shuang1 ye4 hu2 die2 (1980)双叶,蝴蝶雙葉,蝴蝶Hong Kong
24pinyinTV Series yan2 xiao1 (1980)盐枭鹽梟Hong Kong
25pinyinTV Series yi1 jian4 zou3 tian1 ya2 (1980)一剑走天涯一劍走天涯Hong Kong
26pinyinTV Series zhi2 dao4 bao3 (1980)执到宝執到寶Hong Kong

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