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1981 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 335 (336)

Others: Short 1 (1) Documentary 0 Animation 0 TV 26 (27)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
51 Errant Love (1981)聚散两依依聚散兩依依Taiwan
52 Everyone is Happy (1981)皆大欢喜皆大歡喜Mainland China
53 Execution (1981)处决處決Hong Kong
54 Executioner, The (1981)执法者執法者Hong Kong
55 Family of Lust (1981)代代风流代代春代代風流代代春Hong Kong
56 Fates of Three Sisters (1981)桃李梅桃李梅Mainland China
57 Father and Son (1981)父子情父子情Hong Kong
58 Four Buddies (1981)四个小伙伴四個小夥伴Mainland China
59 The Gambler And His Kung Fu Master (1981)龙虎双刁龍虎雙刁Hong Kong
60 Gambler's Delight (1981)流氓千王流氓千王Hong Kong
61 The Gambler's Duel (1981)千王斗千后千王鬥千后Hong Kong
62 Girl's Wish, The (1981)姑娘的心愿姑娘的心願Mainland China
63 Give Her Son a Lecture (1981)三娘教子三娘教子Mainland China
64 The Gold Hunters (1981)老鼠街老鼠街Hong Kong
65 Golden-River Bridge, The (1981)金水桥金水橋Mainland China
66 A Grand Statement (1981)大控诉大控訴Hong Kong
67 Green Purse, A (1981)绿色钱包綠色錢包Mainland China
68 The Guy With Secret Kung Fu (1981)采阳女帮主採陽女幫主Hong Kong
69 Heart String (1981)心弦心弦Mainland China
70 Heavy Traffic (1981)车水马龙車水馬龍Mainland China
71 Here Comes Fortune (1981)财神到財神到Hong Kong
72 Hired Guns (1981)凶蝎凶蠍Hong Kong
73 Homecoming (1981)归宿歸宿Mainland China
74 An Honest Crook (1981)阿灿出千阿燦出千Hong Kong
75 House of Traps (1981)冲霄楼沖霄樓Hong Kong
76 I'll Answer You Tomorrow (1981)明天回答你明天回答你Mainland China
77 If I Were For Real (1981)假如我是真的假如我是真的Taiwan
78 In-laws (1981)喜盈门喜盈門Mainland China
79 The Informer (1981)线人線人Hong Kong
80 Intimate Friends (1981)知音知音Mainland China
81 The Invisible Web (1981)潜网潛網Mainland China
82 Juvenizer, The (1981)终身大事終身大事Taiwan
83 The King Of Gambler (1981)赌王群英会賭王群英會Hong Kong
84 The Kung Fu Emperor (1981)功夫皇帝功夫皇帝Hong Kong
85 Kung Fu Executioner (1981)手指拗出手指抝出Hong Kong
86 Kung Fu Leung Strikes Emanuelle (1981)艾曼妞火拼功夫良艾曼妞火拼功夫良Hong Kong
87 Kung Fu Zombie (1981)乌龙天师招积鬼烏龍天師招積鬼Hong Kong
88 The Lady Avenger (1981)疯狂女煞星瘋狂女煞星Taiwan
89 Laughing Times (1981)滑稽时代滑稽時代Hong Kong
90 The Legal Illegal (1981)知法犯法知法犯法Hong Kong
91 The Legend of the Owl (1981)猫头鹰貓頭鷹Hong Kong
92 Letter without Any Word, The (1981)没有字的情书沒有字的情書Mainland China
93 Li Huiniang's Revenge (1981)李慧娘李慧娘Mainland China
94 Life After Life (1981)再生人再生人Hong Kong
95 Lion VS Lion (1981)南北狮王南北獅王Hong Kong
96 Little Thing Means A Lot (1981)大毛见小毛大毛見小毛Hong Kong
97 A Long Way to Go (1981)路漫漫路漫漫Mainland China
98 The Lost Jade Incense Burner (1981)智截玉香笼智截玉香籠Mainland China
99 A Love Forsaken Corner (1981)被爱情遗忘的角落被愛情遺忘的角落Mainland China
100 Love Massacre (1981)爱杀愛殺Taiwan
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