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1982 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 323 (323)

Others: Short 1 (1) Documentary 0 Animation 1 (1) TV 26 (26)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
101 The Man From Vietman (1982)越南仔越南仔Hong Kong
102 Marianna (1982)宾妹賓妹Hong Kong
103 Mercenaries From Hong Kong (1982)猎魔者獵魔者Hong Kong
104 Militant Years (1982)战斗年华戰斗年華Mainland China
105 Miracle Fighters, The (1982)奇门遁甲奇門遁甲Hong Kong
106 Monkey Business (1982)马骝过海馬騮過海Hong Kong
107 Mountains with Green Bamboo (1982)竹山青青竹山青青Mainland China
108 My Beloved (1982)花煞花煞Hong Kong
109 My Darling, My Goddess (1982)爱人女神愛人女神Hong Kong
110 My Grandfather (1982)我的爷爷我的爺爺Taiwan
111 My Memories of Old Beijing (1982)城南旧事城南舊事Mainland China
112 My Rebellious Son (1982)小子有种小子有種Hong Kong
113 Never Forget You (1982)忘不了你忘不了你Mainland China
114 New York Chinatown (1982)血洗唐人街血洗唐人街Hong Kong
115 Ninja In the Dragon's Den (1982)龙之忍者龍之忍者Hong Kong
116 Nomad (1982)烈火青春烈火青春Hong Kong
117 Ode to Gallantry (1982)侠客行俠客行Hong Kong
118 Older Master Cute (1982)老夫子水虎传老夫子水虎傳Hong Kong
119 On This Lang (1982)在这块土地上在這塊土地上Mainland China
120 Once Upon A Mirage (1982)细圈仔細圈仔Hong Kong
121 Once Upon A Rainbow (1982)彩云曲彩雲曲Hong Kong
122 Outlaw Genes (1982)贼性賊性Hong Kong
123 Passing Flickers (1982)三十年细说从头三十年細說從頭Hong Kong
124 The Perfect Match (1982)佳人有约佳人有約Hong Kong
125 Perils Of The Sentimental Swordsman (1982)楚留香之幽灵山庄楚留香之幽靈山莊Hong Kong
126 Pink Thief (1982)艳贼艶賊Taiwan
127 Plain Jane to the Rescue (1982)八彩林亚珍八彩林亞珍Hong Kong
128 A Post in White Birth Forest (1982)白桦林中的哨所白樺林中的哨所Mainland China
129 Prodigal Son (1982)败家仔敗家仔Hong Kong
130 The Pure And The Evil (1982)青春1000日青春1000日Hong Kong
131 Record Of Blood (1982)血的纪录血的紀錄Hong Kong
132 The Red Elephant (1982)红象紅象Mainland China
133 The Red Thread (1982)红线紅綫Mainland China
134 Rickshaw Boy (1982)骆驼祥子駱駝祥子Mainland China
135 Rolls, Rolls I Love You (1982)卒仔抽车卒仔抽車Hong Kong
136 Romance in Snowy-Storm (1982)风雪配風雪配Mainland China
137 Saihu (1982)赛虎賽虎
138 The Sea is Calling (1982)大海在呼唤大海在呼喚Mainland China
139 Shaolin Temple (1982)少林寺少林寺Mainland China/Hong Kong
140 Sharks (1982)鲨鱼烧卖鯊魚燒賣Hong Kong
141 Shooting for Him (1982)开枪,为他送行開槍,為他送行Mainland China
142 Small Goldfish, A (1982)小金鱼小金魚Mainland China
143 Son of the Earth (1982)大地之子大地之子Mainland China
144 Songs Over the Magpie Hill, The (1982)喜鹊岭茶歌喜鵲嶺茶歌Mainland China
145 Soul Of The Wind (1982)荒漠人荒漠人Hong Kong
146 The Spirit Of the Sword (1982)浣花洗剑浣花洗劍Hong Kong
147 Spring in the Heart (1982)心泉心泉Mainland China
148 Story About a Wall (1982)墙头记牆頭記Mainland China
149 The Story Of Women (1982)女人档案女人檔案Hong Kong
150 Strange Friends (1982)陌生的朋友陌生的朋友Mainland China
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