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1985 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 283 (283)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 0 Animation 0 TV 9 (9)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
1 1937 of Shanghai (1985)大上海1937大上海1937Hong Kong/Taiwan
2 800 Arhats (1985)八百罗汉八百羅漢Mainland China
3 An Acrobat's Romance (1985)飞人浪漫曲飛人浪漫曲Mainland China
4 An Actress's Dream (1985)一个女演员的梦一個女演員的夢Mainland China
5 Adventure of the Wolfhunts (1985)狼犬历险记狼犬歷險記Mainland China
6 Affectionately Yours (1985)花仔多情花仔多情Hong Kong
7 Aizhu, the Pearl's Girl (1985)爱珠愛珠Mainland China
8 Anecdote of State Yue (1985)古越轶事古越軼事Mainland China
9 Apartment (1985)公寓公寓Mainland China
10 Army Nurse (1985)女儿楼女兒樓Mainland China
11 Assassination in Harbin (1985)哈尔滨大谋杀哈爾濱大謀殺Mainland China
12 Bahe Town (1985)巴河镇巴河鎮Mainland China
13 Bargain Under the Noose (1985)绞索下的交易絞索下的交易Mainland China
14 The Barren Virgin (1985)摩登女性摩登女性Hong Kong
15 Battle of Huangqiao (1985)黄桥决战黃橋決戰Mainland China
16 Betrayal and Revenge (1985)天国恩仇天國恩仇Mainland China
17 Between Tough Two (1985)倔公公犟媳妇倔公公犟媳婦Mainland China
18 Bian Que the Doctor (1985)神医扁鹊神醫扁鵲Mainland China
19 Black Cannon Incident (1985)黑炮事件黑砲事件Mainland China
20 Camel Love (1985)驼峰上的爱駝峰上的愛Mainland China
21 Carry On Doctors And Nurses (1985)天使出更天使出更Hong Kong
22 Case of Meishan Mountain (1985)梅山奇案梅山奇案Mainland China
23 Chase a Futune (1985)吉人天相吉人天相Hong Kong
24 Cheers, Women Soldiers (1985)干杯,女兵们乾杯,女兵們Mainland China
25 City Hero (1985)飞虎奇兵飛虎奇兵Hong Kong
26 Come On, China (1985)加油,中国队加油,中國隊Mainland China
27 Condemned to Death (1985)缓期执行緩期執行Mainland China
28 Cop Busters (1985)拖错车拖錯車Hong Kong
29 Crazy Romance (1985)求爱反斗星求愛反斗星Hong Kong
30 Crazy Seventeen (1985)反斗妹反斗妹Hong Kong
31 Crazy Shaolin Disciple (1985)弟子也疯狂弟子也瘋狂Hong Kong
32 A Crescent Moon Over the Gobi Desert (1985)戈壁残月戈壁殘月Mainland China
33 Cupid One (1985)爱神一号愛神一號Hong Kong
34 Curse (1985)毒咒毒咒Hong Kong
35 Danger Has Two Faces (1985)皇家大贼皇家大賊Hong Kong
36 The Daughter of Mountains (1985)山的女儿山的女兒Mainland China
37 Dead Curse (1985)猛鬼迫人猛鬼迫人Hong Kong
38 Dead For Witness (1985)死证死證Mainland China
39 Death Twice (1985)深谷尸变深谷尸變Mainland China
40 Disciple Of 36th Chamber (1985)霹雳十杰霹靂十傑Hong Kong
41 Disciples Of Shaolin (1985)少林俗家弟子少林俗家弟子Hong Kong
42 Dongling Robbery, The part 2: Legend of the Cixi T (1985)东陵大盗 II東陵大盜 IIMainland China
43 Drumming in Blackwood, The (1985)黑林鼓声黑林鼓聲Mainland China
44 Emergency Brake (1985)紧急刹车緊急剎車Mainland China
45 Emergency Mission (1985)蓝鲸紧急出动藍鯨緊急出動Mainland China
46 Emperor Kills His Uncle, The (1985)文帝杀舅文帝殺舅Mainland China
47 Fascinating Affairs (1985)花心红杏花心紅杏Hong Kong
48 Fascinating Musical Band (1985)迷人的乐队迷人的樂隊Mainland China
49 First Mission, The (1985)龙的心龍的心Hong Kong
50 Five Young Players (1985)五虎将五虎將Mainland China
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