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2003 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 101 (107)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 0 Animation 0 TV 19 (19)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
51 Married (2003)我要结婚我要結婚Hong Kong
52 Master Q: Incredible Pet Detective (2003)老夫子动画大电影:反斗侦探老夫子動畫大電影:反斗偵探Hong Kong
53 The Medallion (2003) [non-Chinese]飞龙再生飛龍再生Hong Kong/USA
54 Memory of the Youth (2003)少年往事少年往事Hong Kong
55 Men Suddenly in Black (2003)大丈夫大丈夫Hong Kong
56 Miss Du Shi Niang (2003)Miss 杜十娘Miss 杜十娘Hong Kong
57 Miss You Much (2003)风继续吹風繼續吹Hong Kong
58 My Dream Girl (2003)炮制女朋友砲製女朋友Mainland China/Hong Kong
59 My Father and I (2003)我和爸爸我和爸爸Mainland China
60 My Lucky Star (2003)行运超人行運超人Hong Kong
61 My Name is Modesty (2003) [non-Chinese]My Name is ModestyMy Name is ModestyUSA
62 My Secret Private virgin (2003)私家秘密处女私家秘密處女Hong Kong
63 My Wife is a Gangster 2: The Legend Returns (2003) [non-Chinese]我老婆系大佬 II我老婆系大佬 IIKorea
64 Naked Ambition (2003)豪情豪情Hong Kong
65 Night Corridor (2003)妖夜迴廊妖夜迴廊Hong Kong
66 PTU (2003)PTUPTUHong Kong
67 PTU (2003)PTUPTUHong Kong
68 The Park (2003)咒乐园咒樂園Hong Kong
69 Paycheck (2003) [non-Chinese]PaycheckPaycheckUSA
70 Police Case (2003)警局奇案警局奇案Hong Kong
71 Public Toilet (2003)人民公厕人民公廁Hong Kong
72 Purple Butterfly (2003)紫蝴蝶紫蝴蝶Mainland China
73 Running for Son (2003)夺子奪子Mainland China
74 Running on Karma (2003)大只佬大隻佬Hong Kong
75 Sai Kung Story (2003)西贡的童话西貢的童話Hong Kong
76 Seamy Side of Life II: Crying Stars (2003)黑暗时代II之夜星黑暗時代II之夜星
77 The Secret Society Boss (2003)江湖篇之大佬江湖篇之大佬Hong Kong
78 The Secret Society The Best Hack (2003)江湖篇之金牌打手江湖篇之金牌打手Hong Kong
79 Seven Intellectuals in Bamboo Forest (2003)竹林七贤竹林七賢Mainland China
80 Sexual Exchange (2003)千基变千基變Hong Kong
81 Shanghai Nights (2003) [non-Chinese]Shanghai NightsShanghai NightsUSA
82 Shiver (2003)心寒心寒Hong Kong
83 Sky Lovers (2003)天上的恋人天上的戀人Mainland China
84 Sky of Love (2003)爱,断了线愛,斷了線Hong Kong
85 Sound of Colors (2003)地下铁地下鐵Mainland China/Hong Kong
86 The Source of Love (2003)源来是爱源來是愛Hong Kong
87 The Spy Dad (2003)绝种铁金刚絕種鐵金剛Hong Kong
88 Star Runner (2003)少年阿虎少年阿虎Hong Kong
89 The Story of Er Mei (2003)惊蛰驚蟄Mainland China
90 The Story of Long (2003)阿龙的故事阿龍的故事Hong Kong
91 Symphony of Rain (2003)象雾象雨又象风像霧像雨又像風Mainland China
92 Taipei 21 (2003)台北21台北21Taiwan
93 To Seduce On Enemy (2003)诱人犯罪誘人犯罪Hong Kong
94 A Tragic Room (2003)斗室96小时斗室96小時Hong Kong
95 The Trouble-Makers (2003)一屋两伙一屋兩伙Hong Kong
96 Troublesome Night 18 (2003)阴阳路十八之鬼上身陰陽路十八之鬼上身Hong Kong
97 Troublesome Night 19 (2003)阴阳路十九之我对眼见到嘢陰陽路十九之我對眼見到嘢Hong Kong
98 Truth or Dare: 6th Floor Rear Flat (2003)六楼后座六樓後座Hong Kong
99 Turn Left Turn Right (2003)向左走·向右走嚮左走·嚮右走Hong Kong
100 The Twins Effect (2003)千机变千機變Hong Kong
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