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2006 Film List (Yearly film list)

TV 51 (56)

Others: Feature Film 144 (179) Short 0 Documentary 9 (9) Animation 1 (1)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
1TV Series At Home with Love (2006)楼住有情人樓住有情人Hong Kong
2TV Series At Point Blank (2006)婚姻乏术婚姻乏術Hong Kong
3TV Series Bar Bender (2006)潮爆大状潮爆大狀Hong Kong
4TV Series The Battle Against Evil (2006)转世惊情轉世驚情Hong Kong
5TV Series The Biter Bitten (2006)人生马戏团人生馬戲團Hong Kong
6TV Series CIB Files (2006)CIB刑事情报科CIB刑事情報科Hong Kong
7TV Series Central Affairs II (2006)情陷夜中环 II情陷夜中環 IIHong Kong
8TV Series Concubines of Qing Emperor (2006)大清后宫大清後宫Mainland China/Hong Kong
9TV Series The Dance of Passion (2006)火舞黄沙火無黃沙Hong Kong
10TV Series Dicey Business (2006)赌场风云賭場風雲Hong Kong
11TV Series Forensic Heroes (2006)法证先锋法證先鋒Hong Kong
12TV Series Fox Voland of the Snow Moutain (2006)雪山飞狐雪山飛狐Hong Kong
13TV Series Glittering Days (2006)东方之珠東方之珠Hong Kong
14TV Series Greed Mask (2006)谜情家族謎情家族Hong Kong
15TV Series Hope for Sale (2006)街市的童话街市的童話Hong Kong
16TV Series The Hospital (2006)白色巨塔白色巨塔Taiwan
17TV Series Jasmine Tears (2006)茉莉花茉莉花Mainland China
18TV Series La Femme Desperado (2006)女人唔易做女人唔易做Hong Kong
19TV Series Land of Wealth (2006)汇通天下滙通天下Hong Kong
20TV Series The Legend of Star Apple (2006)星苹果乐园星蘋果樂園Taiwan
21TV Series The Legendary Warrior (2006)薛仁贵传奇薛仁貴傳奇
22TV Series Lethal Weapon of Love and Passion (2006)覆雨翻云覆雨翻雲Hong Kong
23TV Series Love Guaranteed (2006)爱情全保愛情全保Hong Kong
24TV Series Maiden's Vow (2006)凤凰四重奏鳳凰四重奏Hong Kong
25TV Series Men & Legends (2006)精武飞鸿精武飛鴻Mainland China
26TV Series Men in Pain (2006)男人之苦男人之苦Hong Kong
27TV Series Net Deception (2006)追魂交易追魂交易Hong Kong
28TV Series The Patriotic Knights (2006)侠骨丹心俠骨丹心Mainland China
29TV Series A Pillow Case of Mystery (2006)施公奇案施公奇案Hong Kong
30TV Series Placebo Cure (2006)心理心里有个谜心理心裏有個謎Hong Kong
31TV Series Pretty Ugly (2006)原来我不帅原來我不帥Taiwan
32TV Series Qiao's Grand Courtyard (2006)乔家大院喬家大院Mainland China
33TV Series Romance of Red Dust (2006)风尘三侠之红拂女風塵三俠之紅拂女Mainland China
34TV Series Safe Guards (2006)铁血保镖鐵血保鏢Hong Kong
35TV Series Silence (2006)深情密码深情密碼Taiwan
36TV Series Smile Pasta (2006)微笑 Pasta微笑 PastaTaiwan
37TV Series Sound of Colors (2006)地下铁地下鐵Taiwan
38TV Series Summer Heat (2006)心慌·心郁·逐个捉心慌·心郁·逐個捉Hong Kong
39TV Series The Sword Stained with Royal Blood (2006)碧血剑碧血劍Mainland China
40TV Series To Grow wth Love (2006)肥田喜事肥田囍事Hong Kong
41TV Series Track (2006)车神車神Mainland China
42TV Series Trimming Success (2006)飞短留长父子兵飛短留長父子兵Hong Kong
43TV Series Zhou Xuan (2006)周璇周璇Mainland China/Hong Kong
44pinyinTV Series ai4 shang4 dan1 yan3 pi2 nan2 sheng1 (2006)爱上单眼皮男生愛上單眼皮男生Mainland China
45pinyinTV Series gong1 fu1 xiao3 ying1 xiong2 (2006) [In Production]功夫小英雄功夫小英雄Mainland China
46pinyinTV Series hong2 yi1 fang3 (2006)红衣坊紅衣坊Mainland China
47pinyinTV Series hui1 niang2 wan3 xin1 (2006)徽娘·宛心徽娘·宛心Mainland China
48pinyinTV Series ke4 gu3 ming2 xin1 (2006)刻骨铭心刻骨銘心Mainland China
49pinyinTV Series li3 xiang1 lan2 (2006) [Finished] [non-Chinese]李香兰李香蘭Japan
50pinyinTV Series mu3 zi3 qing2 tian1 zhu4 ding4 (2006) [Finished]母子情天注定母子情天註定Mainland China
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