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2013 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 78 (85)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 3 (3) Animation 1 (1) TV 0
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
51 Redemption (2013)杀戒殺戒
52 The Rooftop (2013)天台天台
53 Running All the Way (2013)一路狂奔一路狂奔
54 SDU: Sex Duties Unit (2013)飞虎出征飛虎出征
55 Saving Mother Robot (2013)玛德2号瑪德2號
56 A Secret Between Us (2013)第一次不是你第一次不是你
57 Shining Dancing (2013)舞力四射舞力四射
58 Silent Witness (2013)全民目击全民目击
59 Singing When We're Young (2013)初恋未满初戀未滿
60 Sleep in the Wind (2013)无脚鸟無腳鳥
61 So Young (2013)致我们即将逝去的青春致我們即將逝去的青春
62 Soul (2013)失魂失魂
63 The Stolen Years (2013)被偷走的那五年被偷走的那五年
64 A Style of Men in Beijing (2013)北漂鱼北漂魚
65 Sweet Heart Chocolate (2013) [non-Chinese]甜心巧克力甜心巧克力
66 Switch (2013)天机·富春山居图天機·富春山居圖
67 Taipei Factory (2013)台北工厂臺北工厰
68 Tales from the Dark Part I (2013)迷离夜迷離夜
69 Tiny Times (2013)小时代小時代
70 Tiny Times 2.0 (2013)小时代2:青木时代小時代2:青木時代
71 Tomorrow Comes Today (2013)你的今天和我的明天你的今天和我的明天
72 A Touch of Sin (2013)天注定天註定
73 The Way We Dance (2013)狂舞派狂舞派
74 A Wedding Invitation (2013)分手合约分手合約
75 Yong Chun Xiao Long (2013)咏春小龙詠春小龍
76 Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon (2013)狄仁杰之神都龙王狄仁傑之神都龍王
77 A Young Girl's Destiny (2013)逆袭逆襲
78 Young Style (2013)青春派青春派
79 Zone Pro Site (2013)总铺师總鋪師
80pinyin bie2 gen1 wo3 tan2 gao1 shuai4 fu4 (2013)别跟我谈高帅富別跟我談高帥富
81pinyin fen1 shou3 da4 shi1 (2013) [Planning]分手大师分手大師
82pinyin gang1 dao1 (2013) [In Production]钢刀鋼刀
83pinyin mi2 hun2 (2013) [In Production]迷魂迷魂
84pinyin si4 B qing1 nian2 zhi1 si4 lou2 B zuo4 (2013)4B青年之4楼B座4B青年之4樓B座
85pinyin yi2 bu4 zhi1 yao2 (2013) [Planning]一步之遙一步之遙
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