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1980 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 331 (332)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 1 (1) Animation 0 TV 26 (26)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
101 The Man Who Deals with Devils (1980)与魔鬼打交道的人與魔鬼打交道的人Mainland China
102 The Maples (1980)Mainland China
103 The Marigolds (1980)金盏花金盞花Taiwan
104 The Massage Girl (1980)按摩女郎按摩女郎Hong Kong
105 The Master (1980)背叛师门背叛師門Hong Kong
106 The Master Strikes (1980)通天老虎通天老虎Mainland China
107 Mist Over Fairy Peak (1980)神女峰的迷雾神女峰的迷霧Mainland China
108 Misty Capital (1980)雾都茫茫霧都茫茫Mainland China
109 The Mortal Storm (1980)风尘風塵Hong Kong
110 Mr. Kwong Tung And The Robber (1980)广东先生与响马廣東先生與響馬Hong Kong
111 Murder in 405 (1980)405谋杀案405謀殺案Mainland China
112 My Young Auntie (1980)长辈長輩Hong Kong
113 Mysterious Dudda (1980)神秘的大佛神秘的大佛Mainland China
114 No Big Deal (1980)有你无你有你無你Hong Kong
115 Not For Love (1980)不是为了爱情不是為了愛情Mainland China
116 Old Time Legend, The (1980)神驹古刹神駒古剎Hong Kong
117 One Step Ahead (1980)兵来贼挡兵來賊擋Hong Kong
118 Orientation, The (1980)乡野人鄉野人Taiwan
119 Our Darling Coach (1980)锡晒你錫晒你Hong Kong
120 Our Little Cat (1980)我们的小花猫我們的小花貓Mainland China
121 The Phoenix (1980)无字天书無字天書Hong Kong
122 Picture with Blood (1980)血溅美人图血濺美人圖Mainland China
123 The Pioneers (1980)Taiwan
124 The Plough Part 2 (1980)北斗下集北斗下集Mainland China
125 The Plum Flower Embroidery (1980)梅花巾梅花巾Mainland China
126 Police Sir (1980)系咁先係咁先Hong Kong
127 Pursuit (1980)懵女大贼傻侦探懵女大賊傻偵探Hong Kong
128 Read Lips (1980)仔宝闯八关孖寶闖八關Hong Kong
129 The Rebel Intruders (1980)大杀四方大殺四方Hong Kong
130 The Rebellious Reign (1980)雍正与年羹尧雍正與年羹堯Hong Kong
131 Red Peony (1980)红牡丹紅牡丹Mainland China
132 Rendezvous with Death (1980)请帖請帖Hong Kong
133 Return to the 36th Chamber (1980)少林搭棚大师少林搭棚大師Hong Kong
134 The Revenger (1980)金剑金劍Hong Kong
135 Romance In China (1980)苏杭姻缘一线牵蘇杭姻緣一線牽Hong Kong
136 Sakyamuni Buddha (1980)释迦牟尼釋迦牟尼Taiwan
137 Salute (1980)喝采喝采Hong Kong
138 The Saviour (1980)救世者救世者Hong Kong
139 A Scholar Butcher-Born (1980)屠夫状元屠夫狀元Mainland China
140 The Second Handshake (1980)第二次握手第二次握手Mainland China
141 See-Bar (1980)师爸師爸Hong Kong
142 Sex Flowers (1980)性花朵朵开性花朵朵開Hong Kong
143 The Six Directions Boxing (1980)六合八法六合八法Hong Kong
144 Sleeping Tiger Ridge (1980)山重水复山重水復Mainland China
145 Snake Deadly Act (1980)蛇形醉步蛇形醉步Hong Kong
146 Snake Deadly Act (1980)蛇行醉步蛇行醉步Hong Kong
147 Snow on Mountain City (1980)山城雪山城雪Mainland China
148 Song of Loyalty (1980)丹心谱丹心譜Mainland China
149 Spectre (1980)幽灵幽靈Mainland China
150 The Spooky Bunch (1980)撞到正撞到正Hong Kong
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