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1987 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 302 (303)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 4 (4) Animation 1 (1) TV 4 (4)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
101 Last Emperor (1987)末代皇帝末代皇帝France/Italy
102 Legacy of Fury (1987)龙在江湖龍在江湖Hong Kong
103 The Legend of Wisely (1987)卫斯理传奇衛斯理傳奇Hong Kong
104 Let the World be Filled with Love (1987)让世界充满爱讓世界充滿愛Mainland China
105 Liberation (1987)解放解放Mainland China
106 Life As Marathon Race (1987)生活的马拉松生活的馬拉松Mainland China
107 Life Is A Moment (1987)朝花夕拾朝花夕拾Hong Kong
108 Lighting Action (1987)闪电行动閃電行動Mainland China
109 Listen to Me (1987)我有话要说我有話要說Taiwan
110 Little Visitor, The (1987)小客人小客人Mainland China
111 Long Arm of the Law II (1987)省港旗兵续集省港旗兵續集Hong Kong
112 Looking for Mr. Right (1987)寻找男子汉尋找男子漢Mainland China
113 A Lost Skill (1987)八卦莲花掌八卦蓮花掌Mainland China
114 Lover's Talk (1987)鼓楼情话鼓樓情話Mainland China
115 The Mad Scholar (1987)疯秀才断案瘋秀才斷案Mainland China
116 Magic Beggar, The (1987)神丐神丐Mainland China
117 Magnificent Warriors (1987)中华战士中華戰士Hong Kong
118 The Mahjong Incident (1987)翡翠麻将翡翠麻將Mainland China
119 Mai's Love (1987)买买提外传買買提外傳Mainland China
120 Make Friends Again (1987)不是冤家不聚头不是冤家不聚頭Hong Kong
121 Man's Dilemma (1987)男人的世界男人的世界Mainland China
122 The Maroon Crown (1987)紫红色的皇冠紫紅色的皇冠Mainland China
123 Massacre in Nanjing (1987)屠城血证屠城血證Mainland China
124 Midnight (1987)黑色午夜黑色午夜Hong Kong
125 Migrant Labourer, The (1987)盲流盲流Mainland China
126 Mission of Blue Arrow, The (1987)蓝箭的使命藍箭的使命Mainland China
127 The Mongolian Captive (1987)北方囚徒北方囚徒Mainland China
128 Motorcade Passing the City (1987)车队从城市经过車隊從城市經過Mainland China
129 Mr. Handsome (1987)美男子美男子Hong Kong
130 Mr. Vampire Part 3 (1987)灵幻先生靈幻先生Hong Kong
131 Murder in the Tiger-Year (1987)虎年奇案虎年奇案Mainland China
132 Murder or Suicide (1987)港客谋杀案港客謀殺案Mainland China
133 The Murderer and the Craven (1987)凶手与懦夫兇手與懦夫Mainland China
134 My Cousin The Ghost (1987)表哥到表哥到Hong Kong
135 Mystery of the Mid-Lake Island (1987)湖心岛之迷湖心島之迷Mainland China
136 Myth of Double-Head Eagle, The (1987)双头鹰之迷雙頭鷹之迷Mainland China
137 No Regret (1987)靓妹正传靚妹正傳Hong Kong
138 No Rest For the Wicked (1987)小大老传小大老傳Mainland China
139 Offshore (1987)男儿要远行男兒要遠行Mainland China
140 Old Well (1987)老井老井Mainland China
141 On Their Own (1987)大学生轶事大學生軼事Mainland China
142 Once He Learned He was Japanese (1987)魂断东洋魂斷東洋Mainland China
143 Over the Green Hill (1987)到青山那边去到青山那邊去Mainland China
144 People's Hero (1987)人民英雄人民英雄Hong Kong
145 Porky's Meatballs (1987)鬼马校园鬼馬校園Hong Kong
146 Princess Fragrance (1987)香香公主香香公主Mainland China/Hong Kong
147 Prison on Fire (1987)监狱风云監獄風雲Hong Kong
148 The Private Life of a Mayoress (1987)女市长的私人生活女市長的私人生活Mainland China
149 Private Lift (1987)香港小姐写真香港小姐寫真Hong Kong
150 Probation in the Army (1987)陆军见习官陸軍見習官Mainland China
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