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1988 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 422 (422)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 1 (2) Animation 0 TV 6 (6)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
101 The Golden Mandarin Duck (1988)金鸳鸯金鴛鴦Mainland China
102 Golden Shoes (1988)金鞋金鞋Mainland China
103 The Good, The Bad & The Beauty (1988)鬼马保镳贼美人鬼馬保鑣賊美人Hong Kong
104 Goodbye My Friend (1988)再见英雄再見英雄Hong Kong
105 The Grave Robbers Part V (1988)东陵大盗第五集東陵大盜第五集Mainland China
106 Greatest Lover (1988)公子多情公子多情Hong Kong
107 The Green Trees (1988)校树青青校樹青青Taiwan
108 Guests in the House (1988)吉屋藏娇吉屋藏嬌Hong Kong
109 Guixian Valley (1988)鬼仙沟鬼仙溝Mainland China
110 Gunmen (1988)天罗地网天羅地網Hong Kong
111 Happy Reunion (1988)喜相逢喜相逢Mainland China
112 Haunted Cop Shop II, The (1988)猛鬼学堂猛鬼學堂Hong Kong
113 He Chose Murder (1988)他选择了谋杀他選擇了謀殺Mainland China
114 He Who Chases after the Wind (1988)捕风汉子捕風漢子Hong Kong
115 Headless Arrow, The (1988)无头箭無頭箭Mainland China
116 Heart to Hearts (1988)三人世界三人世界Hong Kong
117 Hello, Sisters (1988)嘿,姐们儿嘿,姐們兒Mainland China
118 Her Vengeance (1988)血玫瑰血玫瑰Hong Kong
119 Hero Of Tomorrow (1988)江湖接班人江湖接班人Hong Kong
120 Heroine Lu Siniang (1988)风尘女侠吕四娘風塵女俠呂四娘Mainland China
121 Heroine of Tainhu Lake, The (1988)天湖女侠天湖女俠Mainland China
122 Hit without Gun (1988)无枪枪手無槍槍手Mainland China
123 Honggu Village Love and Hostility (1988)红姑寨恩仇记紅姑寨恩仇記Mainland China
124 Horror Night, The (1988)恐怖夜恐怖夜Mainland China
125 Horse Thief's Wife (1988)马贼的妻子馬賊的妻子Mainland China
126 How To Pick Girls Up!? (1988)求爱敢死队求愛敢死隊Hong Kong
127 Hunting Leopard Department Set Off (1988)猎豹出击獵豹出擊Mainland China
128 I Love Maria (1988)铁甲无敌玛莉亚鐵甲無敵瑪莉亞Hong Kong
129 Imaginary Suspense (1988)点指贼贼點指賊賊Hong Kong
130 In Pursuit of the Monster (1988)寻找魔鬼尋找魔鬼Mainland China
131 In Troublous Times (1988)乱世英豪亂世英豪Mainland China/Hong Kong
132 In the Blood (1988)神探父子兵神探父子兵Hong Kong
133 In the Line of Duty III (1988)皇家师姐 III之雌雄大盗皇家師姐 III之雌雄大盜Hong Kong
134 Innocent Killer (1988)无罪的杀手無罪的殺手Mainland China
135 Inspectors Wear Skirts (1988)霸王花霸王花Hong Kong
136 Into The Night (1988)惊魂今晚夜驚魂今晚夜Hong Kong
137 It's a Mad Mad Prison (1988)报告典狱长報告典獄長Taiwan
138 It's a Mad Mad World II (1988)富贵再逼人富貴再逼人Hong Kong
139 Keep on Dancing (1988)继续跳舞繼續跳舞Hong Kong
140 Kidnapping Karajan (1988)绑架卡拉扬綁架卡拉揚Mainland China
141 Killer in the Wild (1988)荒原杀手荒原殺手
142 The King Songtsan Gambo (1988)松赞干布松贊干布Mainland China
143 King of Children (1988)孩子王孩子王Taiwan
144 King of Stanley Market (1988)裤甲天下褲甲天下Hong Kong
145 Kunlun Column, The (1988)巍巍昆仑巍巍崑侖Mainland China
146 Ladies (1988)大小夫人大小夫人Mainland China
147 Lady Vampire (1988)灵幻小姐靈幻小姐Hong Kong
148 Lai Shi, China's Last Eunuch (1988)中国最后一个太监中國最後一個太監Hong Kong
149 The Last Duel of the Great Wall (1988)长城大决战長城大決戰Mainland China/Hong Kong
150 The Last Imperial Concubine (1988)最后一个皇妃最後一個皇妃Mainland China
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