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1988 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 422 (422)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 1 (2) Animation 0 TV 6 (6)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
201 Pilgrimage To Heaven (1988)天堂之路天堂之路Mainland China
202 Police Story II (1988)警察故事续集警察故事續集Hong Kong
203 Prairie Fire (1988)荒火荒火Mainland China
204 Profiles Of Pleasure (1988)群莺乱舞群鶯亂舞Hong Kong
205 Queen of Flower Street, The (1988)花街皇后花街皇后Mainland China
206 Red Room, White Room and Black Room (1988)红房间、白房间、黑房间紅房間、白房間、黑房間Mainland China
207 Red Spider, The (1988)红蜘蛛紅蜘蛛Mainland China
208 Report From a Drill Master (1988)女教官的报告女教官的報告Mainland China
209 Reunion (1988)一楼一故事一樓一故事Hong Kong
210 Romancing Star II, The (1988)精装追女仔 II精裝追女仔 IIHong Kong
211 A Romantic Station (1988)风流小站風流小站Mainland China
212 Runaway (1988)血溅加拉曼血濺加拉曼Mainland China
213 Runaway Blues (1988)飙城飆城Hong Kong
214 The Ruthless Eunuch (1988)东厂喋血東廠喋血Mainland China
215 Ruthless Law (1988)法律无情法律無情Hong Kong
216 S.O.S. (1988)SOS村SOS村Mainland China
217 Samasara (1988)轮回輪回Mainland China
218 Sanctuary (1988)避难避難Mainland China
219 Savage Land (1988)原野原野Mainland China
220 School on Fire (1988)学校风云學校風雲Hong Kong
221 Searching Girl-Weaver (1988)牛郎与织女牛郎與織女Mainland China
222 Secret Imperial Edict (1988)传国密诏傳國密詔Mainland China
223 Set Me Free (1988)我要逃亡我要逃亡Hong Kong
224 Shadows, The (1988)飘忽的影子飄忽的影子Mainland China
225 Shocking Asia II (1988)古灵精怪东南亚第二集古靈精怪東南亞第二集Hong Kong
226 The Silly Manager (1988)傻冒经理傻冒經理Mainland China
227 Snowy Wilderness (1988)荒雪荒雪Mainland China
228 The Snuff Battle (1988)八旗子弟八旗子弟Mainland China/Hong Kong
229 Son-In-Law and His Father-In-Law (1988)黑脸女婿黑臉女婿
230 Special Envoy, The (1988)黑旗特使黑旗特使Mainland China
231 Spiritual Martial (1988)神功搜秘录神功搜秘錄Hong Kong
232 Spooky (1988)鬼掹脚鬼掹腳Hong Kong
233 Spring and Autumn Tea House (1988)春秋茶室春秋茶室Taiwan
234 Starry is the Night (1988)今夜星光灿烂今夜星光燦爛Hong Kong
235 The Story of Ah Tan (1988)阿潭内传阿潭內傳Mainland China
236 Story of Da Yu, The (1988)神州精魂神州精魂Mainland China
237 The Story of Haybo (1988)喜宝喜寶Hong Kong
238 Stranger in Suzhou (1988)姑苏一怪姑蘇一怪Mainland China
239 The Stunt Men (1988)神龙特技队神龍特技隊Mainland China
240 Sumbling Cops (1988)大话神探大話神探Hong Kong
241 Sun, Moon, and Star (1988)月亮、星星、太阳月亮、星星、太陽Hong Kong
242 Super Sleuth (1988)大侦探大偵探Mainland China
243 Super Thief (1988)行窃大师行竊大師Mainland China
244 Suspended Arrest (1988)暂缓逮捕暫緩逮捕Mainland China
245 Swords Meet (1988)天下第一剑天下第一劍Mainland China
246 Tang Bohu (1988)唐伯虎唐伯虎Mainland China
247 Targets (1988)在暗杀名单上在暗殺名單上Mainland China
248 Tears of a Prostitute (1988)烟花泪煙花淚Mainland China
249 Thieves, The (1988)狂盗狂盜Mainland China
250 The Third Man in Her Life (1988)第三个男人第三個男人Mainland China
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