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1991 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 287 (287)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 0 Animation 0 TV 4 (4)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
51 Days of Being Wild (1991)阿飞正传阿飛正傳Hong Kong
52 Dead Target (1991)夺宝俏佳人奪寶俏佳人Hong Kong
53 Deadly Dart, The (1991)索命飞刀索命飛刀Mainland China
54 Deadly Deal (1991)烈火危情烈火危情Hong Kong
55 Deadly Tattoos (1991)断命文身斷命文身Mainland China
56 Decisive Engagement Part 1: The Battle of Liao-she (1991)大决战--辽沈战役大決戰--遼沈戰役Mainland China
57 Decisive Engagement Part 2: The Battle of Ping-jin (1991)大决战--平津战役大決戰--平津戰役Mainland China
58 Decisive Engagement Part 3: The Battle of Huai-hai (1991)大决战--淮海战役大決戰--淮海戰役Mainland China
59 Deep Emotions (1991)义重情深義重情深Mainland China
60 Devil's Vendetta (1991)妖魔道妖魔道Hong Kong
61 Don't Ask Where I Came From (1991)不要问我从哪里来不要問我從哪里來Mainland China
62 Dream Broken at the Ancient Town of Loulan (1991)梦段楼兰夢段樓蘭Mainland China
63 Dream of Zhao Baiwan, The (1991)赵百万梦幻曲趙百萬夢幻曲Mainland China
64 Dreams of Glory, A Boxer's Story (1991)拳王拳王Hong Kong
65 The Drummer From Flame Mountain (1991)火焰山来的鼓手火焰山來的鼓手Mainland China
66 Dun Huang Tales of the Night (1991)敦煌夜谭敦煌夜譚Mainland China/Hong Kong
67 Easy Money (1991)老表发钱寒老表發錢寒Hong Kong
68 Effendi II (1991)阿凡提二世阿凡提二世Mainland China
69 An Emperor on the Run (1991)江湖八面风江湖八面風Mainland China
70 Erotic Ghost Story II (1991)聊斋艳谭续集之五通神聊齋艶譚續集之五通神Hong Kong
71 An Eternal Combat (1991)天地玄门天地玄門Hong Kong
72 Evil Star Over a Villa (1991)别墅灾星別墅災星Mainland China
73 Fantasy Romance (1991)魔画情魔畫情Hong Kong
74 The Fatal Game (1991)毒豪毒豪Hong Kong
75 Fatal Mission (1991)曝光人物曝光人物Hong Kong
76 Fight Back to School (1991)逃学威龙逃學威龍Hong Kong
77 Fighting the Gun-Runners (1991)辑枪行动輯槍行動Mainland China
78 Fire in the Sky (1991)天火天火Mainland China
79 Fist of Fury 1991 (1991)新精武门1991新精武門1991Hong Kong
80 For Love (1991)有情人有情人Mainland China
81 Forbidden Arsenal (1991)皇家师姐之地下兵工厂皇家師姐之地下兵工廠Hong Kong
82 Fox (1991)猛鬼狐狸精猛鬼狐狸精Hong Kong
83 Foxy Spirits (1991)灵狐靈狐Hong Kong
84 Fruit Punch (1991)YES!一族YES!一族Hong Kong
85 Frustrated Childhood (1991)风雨故园風雨故園Mainland China
86 Fury in Red (1991)轰天龙轟天龍Hong Kong
87 Gambling Ghost, The (1991)洪福齐天洪福齊天Hong Kong
88 Game Kids (1991)机BOY小子之真假威龙機BOY小子之真假威龍
89 Gentleman's Revenge, A (1991)君子复仇君子復仇Mainland China
90 Ghost Punting (1991)五福星撞鬼五福星撞鬼Hong Kong
91 Ghost Story of Kam Ping Mui (1991)聊斋金瓶梅聊齋金瓶梅Hong Kong
92 Ghost for Sale (1991)捉鬼专门店捉鬼專門店Hong Kong
93 Ghostly Love (1991)倩女云雨情倩女雲雨情Hong Kong
94 Gigolo and Whore (1991)鸡鸭恋鷄鴨戀Hong Kong
95 Girl Fortune-Teller (1991)骆路神卦女駱路神卦女Mainland China
96 Girl of the Times (1991)新潮姑娘新潮姑娘Mainland China
97 God of Gamblers II: Back To Shanghai (1991)赌侠 II:上海滩赌圣賭俠 II:上海灘賭聖Hong Kong
98 Godfather (1991)大哥让位大哥讓位Hong Kong
99 The Golden Lotus "Love and Desire" (1991)金瓶风月金瓶風月Hong Kong
100 The Good, the Bad and the Bandit (1991)忠奸盗忠奸盜Hong Kong
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