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1991 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 287 (287)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 0 Animation 0 TV 4 (4)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
201 Slickers Vs Killers (1991)离线枕边人黐線枕邊人Hong Kong
202 Soldiers Play Soldiers (1991)兵演兵兵演兵Mainland China
203 Son on the Run (1991)带子洪郎帶子洪郎Hong Kong
204 Spiritual Trinity (1991)人鬼神人鬼神Hong Kong
205 Spiritually a Cop (1991)驳脚差佬駁腳差佬Hong Kong
206 The Spring Festival (1991)过年過年Mainland China
207 Steel Meets Fire (1991)烈火金刚烈火金剛Mainland China
208 The Stone Age Warriors (1991)魔域飞龙魔域飛龍Hong Kong
209 The Story of Taipei Woman (1991)胭脂胭脂Taiwan
210 Story of a Songstress, The (1991)女歌星的故事女歌星的故事Mainland China
211 Summer Adventrues (1991)夏日历险夏日曆險Mainland China
212 The Swordsman in Double-Flag Town (1991)双旗镇刀客雙旗鎮刀客Mainland China
213 Take Me (1991)情不自禁情不自禁Hong Kong
214 The Tantana (1991)密宗威龙密宗威龍Hong Kong
215 Temptation Summary II (1991)四度诱惑四度誘惑Hong Kong
216 Three Brothers (1991)苦乐三兄弟苦樂三兄弟Mainland China
217 Thunder Run (1991)破茧急先锋破繭急先鋒Hong Kong
218 Tiger Cage III (1991)冷面阻击手冷面阻擊手Hong Kong
219 The Tigers (1991)五虎将之决裂五虎將之決裂Hong Kong
220 To Be Number One (1991)跛豪跛豪Hong Kong
221 To Catch a Thief (1991)契妈唔易做契媽唔易做Hong Kong
222 Today's Hero (1991)志在出位志在出位Hong Kong
223 The Top Bet (1991)赌霸賭霸Hong Kong
224 Touch and Go (1991)一触即发一觸即發Hong Kong
225 The Tragedy of Comedian (1991)悲喜人生悲喜人生Mainland China
226 Transnational Robbery (1991)跨界大劫案跨界大劫案Mainland China
227 Tricky Brains (1991)整蛊专家整蠱專家Hong Kong
228 Troubled Marriage, A (1991)奇婚怪事奇婚怪事Mainland China
229 Twilight Star (1991)启明星啟明星Mainland China
230 The Ultimate Vampire (1991)僵尸至尊殭屍至尊Hong Kong
231 Unfinished Diary, The (1991)未完的日记未完的日記Mainland China
232 Unfortunate Zihen (1991)紫痕紫痕Mainland China
233 Unique Skill of Cangzhou (1991)沧州决招滄州決招Mainland China
234 The Valiant Girl Nicknamed Black Rose (1991)侠女黑玫瑰俠女黑玫瑰Mainland China
235 Vampire Kids (1991)僵尸福星仔殭屍福星仔Hong Kong
236 Visit the Fort with Arms (1991)枪防要塞槍防要塞Mainland China
237 The War Against Drugs (1991)辑毒战輯毒戰Mainland China
238 Weakness of Man (1991)偷情小丈夫偷情小丈夫Hong Kong
239 Weddings, The (1991)高朋满座高朋滿座Mainland China
240 Will of Iron (1991)黑雪黑雪Hong Kong
241 Witchcraft vs Curse (1991)色降色降Hong Kong
242 A Wolf Enters the House (1991)豺狼入室豺狼入室Mainland China
243 Woman Cop (1991)女警官女警官Mainland China
244 Woman From North Shananxi, A (1991)陕北大嫂陝北大嫂Mainland China
245 Woman-TAXI-Woman (1991)女人·TAXI·女人女人·TAXI·女人Mainland China
246 A Year After Getting Married (1991)一夕是百年一夕是百年
247 Youth Karaok (1991)青春卡拉OK青春卡拉OKMainland China
248 Zhou Enlai (1991)周恩来周恩來Mainland China
249 Zodiac Killers (1991)极道追踪極道追蹤Hong Kong
250pinyin bu2 wen2 xiao3 zhang4 fu1 II: yin2 zuo4 xi1 chun1 (1991)不文小丈夫 II:银座嬉春不文小丈夫 II:銀座嬉春Hong Kong
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