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1992 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 283 (284)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 3 (3) Animation 1 (1) TV 9 (9)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
201 Story of Ricky (1992)力王力王Hong Kong
202 Strange Love of a Ghost (1992)幽魂奇恋幽魂奇戀Mainland China
203 Summer Lovers (1992)夏日情人夏日情人Hong Kong
204 The Sun on the Roof of the World (1992)世界屋脊的太阳世界屋脊的太陽Mainland China
205 Supercop (1992)警察故事 III:超级警察警察故事 III:超級警察Hong Kong
206 The Survival (1992)再试初夜情再試初夜情Hong Kong
207 Swordsman II (1992)笑傲江湖 II:东方不败笑傲江湖 II:東方不敗Hong Kong
208 The Swordswoman in White (1992)白衣侠女白衣俠女Mainland China
209 Sworn Friends (1992)喋血金兰喋血金蘭Mainland China
210 Taking Manhattan (1992)买起曼克顿買起曼克頓Hong Kong
211 Talk to Me, Dicky (1992)细佬识讲嘢細佬識講嘢Hong Kong
212 The Tangles Love (1992)赤裸迷情赤裸迷情Hong Kong
213 Task Force (1992)特别攻击队特別攻擊隊Mainland China
214 Three Summers (1992)三个夏天三個夏天Taiwan
215 To Miss with Love (1992)逃学外传逃學外傳Hong Kong/Taiwan
216 Tom, Dick, and Hairy (1992)风尘三侠風塵三俠Hong Kong
217 Too Happy for Words (1992)两个女人,一个靓,一个唔靓兩個女人,一個靚,一個唔靚Hong Kong
218 Transient Figure, A (1992)山野绝唱山野絕唱Mainland China
219 Trouble in Ganquan Village, The (1992)甘泉村的风波甘泉村的風波Mainland China
220 Truant Heroes (1992)逃学英雄传逃學英雄傳Hong Kong
221 True Hearted, The (1992)心香心香Mainland China
222 True Love (1992)真的爱你真的愛你Hong Kong
223 The Twin Dragons (1992)双龙会雙龍會Hong Kong
224 Two For The Bed (1992)桃色香居桃色香居Hong Kong
225 Unexpected Challenges (1992)灵与欲靈與慾Taiwan
226 Unforgetful Holiday (1992)三级七日情三級七日情Hong Kong
227 Uniting Against the Invaders (1992)抗暴生死情抗暴生死情Mainland China
228 The Unleaded Love (1992)花货花貨Hong Kong
229 The Vengence (1992)滚滚樱唇滾滾櫻唇Hong Kong
230 Vietnamese Lady (1992)她来自胡志明市她來自胡志明市Hong Kong
231 War of the Century (1992)世纪之战世紀之戰Mainland China
232 What a Hero (1992)哗!英雄嘩!英雄Hong Kong
233 White Sand (1992)白沙恨白沙恨Mainland China
234 The Wicked City (1992)妖兽都市妖獸都市Hong Kong
235 With or Without You (1992)明月照尖东明月照尖東Hong Kong
236 Wizard's Curse (1992)妖怪都市妖怪都市Hong Kong
237 Women Anti-Drug Fighter (1992)辑毒少女輯毒少女Mainland China
238 Women are Human Too (1992)女人也是人女人也是人Mainland China
239 Women's Drug Rehabilitation Centre (1992)女子戒毒所女子戒毒所Mainland China
240 Women's World (1992)女性世界女性世界Mainland China
241 Xiaoxue (1992)小雪小雪Mainland China
242 Yang Guifei (1992)杨贵妃楊貴妃Mainland China
243 Zen of Sword (1992)侠女传奇俠女傳奇Hong Kong
244pinyin a1 ai2 (1992)阿呆阿呆Taiwan
245pinyin bai2 sha1 ying1 xiong2 chuan2 (1992)白沙英雄传白沙英雄傳Mainland China
246pinyin bai2 yi1 nu:3 xia2 (1992)白衣女侠白衣女俠Mainland China
247pinyin bie2 wu2 xuan3 ze2 (1992)别无选择別無選擇Mainland China
248pinyin dong1 ying2 you2 xia2 (1992)东瀛游侠東瀛游俠Mainland China
249pinyin du3 ming4 xi1 yang2 (1992)赌命夕阳賭命夕陽Taiwan
250pinyin gao4 bie2 zi3 jin1 cheng2 (1992)告别紫禁城告別紫禁城Hong Kong
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