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1994 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 295 (295)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 1 (1) Animation 0 TV 7 (7)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
151 Love From Strangers (1994)陌生的爱陌生的愛Mainland China
152 Love On Delivery (1994)破坏之王破壞之王Hong Kong
153 Love Recipe (1994)爱情色香味愛情色香味Hong Kong
154 Love and the City (1994)都市情缘都市情緣Hong Kong
155 Lover's Lover (1994)情人的情人情人的情人Hong Kong
156 Lovers, The (1994)梁祝梁祝Hong Kong
157 Master of Zen (1994)达摩祖师達摩祖師Hong Kong
158 Mermaid Got Married (1994)人鱼的传说人魚的傳說Hong Kong
159 Metropolitan Saxophone (1994)都市萨克斯风都市薩克斯風Mainland China
160 Modern Love, The (1994)新男欢女爱新男歡女愛Hong Kong
161 Modern Romance (1994)恋爱的天空戀愛的天空Hong Kong
162 Moonlight Boy (1994)月光少年月光少年Taiwan
163 The Most Wanted (1994)新龙虎风云新龍虎風雲Hong Kong
164 Moving, The (1994)乔迁之喜喬遷之喜Mainland China
165 Mr. Sardine (1994)沙甸鱼杀人事件沙甸魚殺人事件Hong Kong
166 Naked Rose (1994)赤裸狂花赤裸狂花Hong Kong
167 Narrow Escape (1994)绝境逢生絕境逢生Mainland China
168 Narrow Escape (1994)死亡列车死亡列車Hong Kong
169 Naughty Couple (1994)撞板风流撞板風流Hong Kong
170 The New Legend of Shaolin (1994)洪熙官洪熙官Mainland China/Hong Kong
171 New Story of Liang Shangbo and Zhu Yingtai (1994)梁山伯与祝英台新传梁山伯與祝英臺新傳Mainland China
172 No, Sir (1994)报告班长3報告班長3Taiwan
173 Now You See Me Now You Don't (1994)怪侠一枝梅怪俠一枝梅Hong Kong
174 Office Girls (1994)奥菲斯小姐奧菲斯小姐Mainland China
175 Oh! Yes Sir! (1994)神探POWER之问米追凶神探POWER之問米追凶Hong Kong
176 Oh, My Three Guys (1994)三个相爱的少年三個相愛的少年Hong Kong
177 Once Upon a Time in China V (1994)黄飞鸿 V:龙城歼霸黃飛鴻 V:龍城殲霸Hong Kong
178 One Arm Hero (1994)壮士断臂壯士斷臂Hong Kong
179 One Family, Two Systems (1994)一家两制一家兩制Mainland China
180 One of the Lucky Ones (1994)伴我同行伴我同行Hong Kong
181 Opium Murderer (1994)血搏敌枭血搏敵梟Mainland China
182 Organized Crime & Triad Bureau (1994)重案实录O记重案實錄O記Hong Kong
183 The Other Side of Romance (1994)花月危情花月危情Hong Kong
184 Other Side of the Sea, The (1994)海角危情海角危情Hong Kong
185 Over the Rainbow Under the Skirt (1994)记得……香蕉成熟时 II:初恋情人記得……香蕉成熟時 II:初戀情人Hong Kong
186 Part-time Lady (1994)兼职女郎兼職女郎Hong Kong
187 Partners (1994)生死拍档生死拍檔Mainland China
188 Passion, the Sense and the Law, The (1994)情·理·法情·理·法Mainland China
189 Peach Blossoms (1994)惊魂桃花党驚魂桃花黨Mainland China
190 A Photographer's Choice (1994)感光时代感光時代Mainland China
191 Portrait of a Serial Rapist (1994)屯门色魔屯門色魔Hong Kong
192 Private Eye Blues, The (1994)非常侦探非常偵探Hong Kong
193 Probation within the Village (1994)留村查看留村查看Mainland China
194 Red Beads (1994)悬恋懸戀Mainland China
195 The Red Lotus Society (1994)飞侠阿达飛俠阿達Taiwan
196 Red Rose White Rose (1994)红玫瑰与白玫瑰紅玫瑰與白玫瑰Hong Kong/Taiwan
197 Red To Kill (1994)弱杀弱殺Hong Kong
198 Return of the Heroes (1994)东归英雄传東歸英雄傳Mainland China
199 Return to a Better Tomorrow (1994)新英雄本色新英雄本色Hong Kong
200 The Returning (1994)等着你回来等著你回來Hong Kong
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