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1994 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 295 (295)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 1 (1) Animation 0 TV 7 (7)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
201 Right Here Waiting... (1994)等爱的女人等愛的女人Hong Kong
202 Rock N' Roll Cop (1994)省港一号通缉犯省港一號通緝犯Hong Kong
203 Rock on Fire (1994)机密重案之致命诱惑機密重案之致命誘惑Hong Kong
204 Rolling Kid, The (1994)旋风小子旋風小子Mainland China
205 Romance in Metropolitan Shanghai (1994)都市情话都市情話Mainland China
206 Romance in the Stock Market (1994)股市婚恋股市婚戀Mainland China
207 The Romance of Porters (1994)红帽子浪漫曲紅帽子浪漫曲Mainland China
208 The Romance of the Vampire (1994)吸我一个吻吸我一個吻Hong Kong
209 Rooster-Fighting in the Royal Court (1994)宫廷斗鸡宮廷鬥雞Mainland China
210 Run (1994)仙人掌仙人掌Hong Kong
211 S.D.U. Mission in Mission (1994)飞虎雄师之极道战士飛虎雄師之極道戰士Hong Kong
212 Satin Steel (1994)重金属重金屬Hong Kong
213 Screwball '94 (1994)不文女学堂不文女學堂Hong Kong
214 Sex and the Emperor (1994)满清禁宫奇案滿清禁宮奇案Hong Kong
215 Shanghai Fever (1994)股疯股瘋Mainland China/Hong Kong
216 Shaolin Popey (1994)笑林小子笑林小子Taiwan
217 Shaolin Popey II Messy Temple (1994)笑林小子 II 之新乌龙院笑林小子 II 之新烏龍院Taiwan
218 She Knocked at My Door Last Night (1994)傍晚她敲开我的门傍晚她敲開我的門Mainland China
219 Sherlock Holmes in China (1994)福尔摩斯与中国女侠福爾摩斯與中國女俠Mainland China
220 Sholin Kung Fu (1994)少林真功夫少林真功夫Hong Kong
221 Sichman Concubine, The (1994)罂粟罌粟Hong Kong
222 The Signal (1994)暗号暗號Mainland China
223 Sins of Revival (1994)复活的罪恶復活的罪惡Mainland China
224 Sparkling Fox (1994)火狐火狐Mainland China/Hong Kong
225 Spirit in an Old Temple (1994)古庙倩魂古廟倩魂Mainland China
226 Spirit of a Policman, The (1994)警魂警魂Mainland China
227 The Story of Yunnan (1994)云南故事雲南故事Mainland China/Hong Kong/Taiwan
228 Strike Them a Blow (1994)狂龙逞英豪狂龍逞英豪Mainland China
229 Sweet Smell of Death, The (1994)攞命哥罗方攞命哥羅方Hong Kong
230 Switch Over (1994)新俏郎君新俏郎君Hong Kong
231 A Taste of Killing and Romance (1994)杀手的童话殺手的童話Hong Kong
232 Tears and Triumph (1994)昨夜长风昨夜長風Hong Kong
233 They are Great Heroes (1994)大漠双雄大漠雙雄Mainland China
234 Third Full Moon, The (1994)正月十五之一生一世正月十五之一生一世Hong Kong
235 Three Payees (1994)这辈子不欠你這輩子不欠你Mainland China
236 The Three Swordsmen (1994)刀剑笑刀劍笑Hong Kong
237 To Live (1994)活着活著Mainland China/Hong Kong
238 To Live and Die in Tsimshatsui (1994)新边缘人新邊緣人
239 To Love Ferrari (1994)我爱法拉利我愛法拉利Hong Kong
240 The Tofu Maker Had A Dream (1994)我的一票选总统我的一票選總統Taiwan
241 A Tragic Fantasy - Tiger of Wanchai (1994)醉生梦死之湾仔之虎醉生夢死之灣仔之虎Hong Kong
242 Treasure Hunt (1994)花旗少林花旗少林Hong Kong
243 The True Hero (1994)暴雨骄阳暴雨驕陽Hong Kong
244 Ture and Fake (1994)真假情人真假情人Mainland China
245 Twenty Something (1994)晚9朝5晚9朝5Hong Kong
246 Two Interitors (1994)椰岛情仇椰島情仇Mainland China
247 Two Shalin Kids in Hong Kong (1994)少林活宝贝少林活寶貝Hong Kong
248 The Underground Banker (1994)香港奇案之吸血贵利王香港奇案之吸血貴利王Hong Kong
249 Underground Judgement (1994)地下裁决地下裁決Hong Kong
250 An Unlucky Married Man (1994)婚外恋者的奇遇婚外戀者的奇遇Mainland China
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