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1993 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 409 (413)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 2 (2) Animation 0 TV 13 (13)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
51 Chongqing Negotiation (1993)重庆谈判重慶談判Mainland China
52 City Hunter (1993)城市猎人城市獵人Hong Kong
53 Clans of Interigue (1993)西门五恨西門五恨Mainland China
54 Cohabitation (1993)同居关系同居關係Hong Kong
55 Come On, Speaking with Foot (1993)来吧!用脚说话來吧!用腳說話Mainland China
56 The Complicated Raping Case (1993)强奸案中案強姦案中案Hong Kong
57 Country Teachers (1993)凤凰琴鳳凰琴Mainland China
58 Crazy Hong Kong (1993)香港也疯狂香港也瘋狂Hong Kong
59 Crazy Love (1993)蜜桃成熟时蜜桃成熟時Hong Kong
60 Crazy Women (1993)傻大姐翻转疯人院傻大姐翻轉瘋人院Hong Kong
61 Crime Story (1993)重案组重案組Hong Kong
62 A Criminal Politics (1993)黑狮行动黑獅行動Mainland China
63 Criminal Trumpeter, The (1993)追逐死亡的人追逐死亡的人Mainland China
64 The Cruel Summer Time (1993)残酷的夏日殘酷的夏日Mainland China
65 Dad Would be the Best (1993)望父成龙望父成龍Mainland China
66 A Dancing Boy in Underworld Street (1993)黑街舞男黑街舞男Hong Kong
67 Danielle Steel's Message from Nam (1993) [non-Chinese]Message from NamMessage from NamUSA
68 Daughter of Darkness (1993)灭门惨案之孽杀滅門慘案之孽殺Hong Kong
69 A Day without Policeman (1993)冇警时分冇警時份Hong Kong
70 The Days (1993)冬春的日子冬春的日子Mainland China/Hong Kong
71 Days of Tomorrow (1993)天长地久天長地久Hong Kong
72 Death of a College Girl (1993)女大学生之死女大學生之死Mainland China
73 Dedicate All His Life (1993)九死一生--把一切献给党九死一生--把一切獻給黨Mainland China
74 Deep in the Mountains (1993)远山情遠山情Mainland China
75 Descendants of Da Yu (1993)大禹的传人大禹的傳人Mainland China
76 Devil Sex Love (1993)鸡年大奸情雞年大姦情Hong Kong
77 Devil's House (1993)地狱山庄地獄山莊Mainland China
78 Die All Together (1993)同归于尽同歸于盡Mainland China
79 Don't Call Me Gigolo (1993)住家舞男住家舞男Hong Kong
80 Don't Disturb (1993)请勿打扰請勿打擾Mainland China
81 Don't Stop My Crazy Love for You (1993)挡不住的疯情擋不住的瘋情Hong Kong
82 Dragon Fleet (1993)神龙车队神龍車隊Mainland China
83 Dragon of the Dragons (1993)龙中龙龍中龍Mainland China
84 Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (1993) [non-Chinese]李小龙传李小龍傳USA
85 Dragons Leap Out of the Sea (1993)龙出海龍出海Mainland China
86 Dream is not a Dream, The (1993)梦非梦夢非夢Mainland China
87 Drug Enforcement Agents (1993)猛警威龙辣椒妹猛警威龍辣椒妹Mainland China
88 Duel of Death (1993)势不两立勢不兩立Mainland China
89 The Eagle Shooting Heroes (1993)射雕英雄传之东成西就射雕英雄傳之東成西就Hong Kong
90 The Eight Hilarious Gods (1993)笑八仙笑八仙Hong Kong
91 Eighteen (1993)十八十八Taiwan
92 Embarrassed Husband and Witty Wife (1993)狼狈丈夫俏娇妻狼狽丈夫俏嬌妻Mainland China
93 The Emissary Nicknamed Black Eagle (1993)黑鹰使者黑鷹使者
94 Emotional Girl (1993)哪个少女不多情之脱的疑惑哪個少女不多情之脫的疑惑Hong Kong
95 Encounter in Shanghai (1993)夺命惊魂上海滩奪命驚魂上海灘Mainland China
96 Endless Case, The (1993)奇案未终止奇案未終止Mainland China
97 Erotic Ghost Story (1993)鬼叫春鬼叫春Hong Kong
98 Erotic Passion (1993)引狼入室引狼入室Hong Kong
99 Escape from Church (1993)教堂脱险教堂脫險Mainland China
100 Even Moutians Meet (1993)情天霹雳之下集大结局情天霹雳之下集大結局Hong Kong
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