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1993 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 409 (413)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 2 (2) Animation 0 TV 13 (13)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
301 Shadow in the Rose Building, The (1993)玫瑰楼迷影玫瑰樓迷影Mainland China
302 Shadow of Dream (1993)如烟往事如煙往事Mainland China
303 Shadow of Dreams (1993)幻影幻影Mainland China/Taiwan
304 Shaolin Heroes (1993)少林英雄少林英雄Mainland China/Hong Kong
305 She is a Professional Killer (1993)女劫杀女劫殺Mainland China
306 Sister and Brother in the Remote Mountain (1993)远山姐弟遠山姐弟Mainland China
307 Slave of the Sword (1993)剑奴之血獒劫劍奴之血獒劫Hong Kong
308 Sleeping with Two Sisters (1993)情欲战场情慾戰場Hong Kong
309 Small Potato (1993)临时演员臨時演員Hong Kong
310 Son of the Western Village, The (1993)西屯的儿子西屯的兒子Mainland China
311 The Song of Youth (1993)青春作证青春作證Mainland China
312 Spirit of Love (1993)爱的精灵愛的精靈Hong Kong
313 Story of Shazhen (1993)沙镇的故事沙鎮的故事Mainland China
314 The Story of Tong Queen (1993)唐朝禁宫风月唐朝禁宮風月Hong Kong
315 Story of the Painting Master Liu haisu, The (1993)叛逆大师刘海粟的故事叛逆大師劉海粟的故事Mainland China
316 Strive For Love (1993)求爱别动队求愛別動隊Mainland China
317 Struggles in the Big City (1993)都市打斗都市打斗Mainland China
318 Sub-Husband (1993)编外丈夫編外丈夫Mainland China
319 Summer Kiss, Winter Tear (1993)世外情缘世外情緣Hong Kong
320 Sun Society, The (1993)关东太阳会關東太陽會
321 The Supernormal II (1993)大迷信1993大迷信1993Hong Kong
322 Swindler, The (1993)诈骗犯詐騙犯Mainland China
323 Sword Brothers (1993)虎兄豹弟虎兄豹弟Mainland China
324 Sword Stained with Royal Blood (1993)新碧血剑新碧血劍Hong Kong
325 The Sword Stained with Royal Blood (1993)碧血剑碧血劍Mainland China/Hong Kong
326 The Sword of Many Lovers (1993)飞狐外传飛狐外傳Hong Kong
327 Swords Stances (1993)天剑绝刀之独孤九剑天劍絕刀之獨孤九劍Mainland China
328 Swordsman III: East is Red (1993)东方不败 II之风云再起東方不敗 II之風雲再起Hong Kong
329 Swordsman and the General, The (1993)义剑奇侠義劍奇俠Mainland China
330 Tai Chi Master (1993)太极张三丰太極張三豐Hong Kong
331 Taxi Hunter (1993)的士判官的士判官Hong Kong
332 Taxi at Dead of Night (1993)午夜出租车午夜出租車Mainland China
333 Tears Shed in Taipei (1993)泪洒台北淚灑台北Mainland China/Hong Kong
334 Temporary Dad (1993)临时爸爸臨時爸爸Mainland China
335 Temptation of Monk (1993)诱僧誘僧Taiwan
336 Tenderness To You (1993)送你一片温柔送你一片溫柔Mainland China
337 Their Marriages (1993)父子婚事父子婚事Mainland China
338 Those Are Chinese (1993)中国人中國人Mainland China
339 Thou Shalt Not Swear (1993)七月十四七月十四Hong Kong
340 Three Nameless Warriors (1993)无名三侠客無名三俠客Mainland China
341 Three Women and A Dream (1993)三个女人一个梦三個女人一個夢Mainland China
342 The Tiger's Legend of Canton (1993)广东五虎之铁拳无敌孙中山廣東五虎之鐵拳無敵孫中山Hong Kong
343 Top Secret, The (1993)绝密行动絕密行動Mainland China
344 The Tough Group (1993)沧海雄风滄海雄風Mainland China
345 The Tragic Tale of Grassland (1993)大漠恩仇记大漠恩仇記Mainland China
346 The Trail (1993)大路大路Mainland China/Hong Kong
347 Transcend Life (1993)飞越人生飛越人生Mainland China
348 Treasure Island (1993)只要为你活一天只要為你活一天Taiwan
349 Trial, The (1993)狭路英豪狹路英豪Mainland China
350 Troubled Family, The (1993)烦恼家庭煩惱家庭Mainland China
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