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1993 Film List (Yearly film list)

Feature Film/Fiction Film 409 (413)

Others: Short 0 Documentary 2 (2) Animation 0 TV 13 (13)
Numbers in parentheses include films in production and non-Chinese language films.
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TitleChinese Title (sp)Chinese Title (td)Region
251 Offence Storm (1993)女童党性风暴女童黨性風暴Hong Kong
252 Oil Maker's Family (1993)香魂女香魂女Mainland China
253 An Old Man and His Dog (1993)老人与狗老人與狗Mainland China
254 Once Upon a Time in China IV (1993)黄飞鸿 IV:王者之风黃飛鴻 IV:王者之風Hong Kong
255 One Arm Hero (1993)晚清风云--独臂壮士晚清風雲--獨臂壯士Mainland China
256 An Orphan Joins the Army (1993)三毛从军记三毛從軍記Mainland China
257 The Other Side of Dolls (1993)新应召女郎新應召女郎Hong Kong
258 Out of My Control (1993)身不由己身不由己Mainland China
259 Out of the Death Camp (1993)冲出死亡营衝出死亡營Mainland China
260 Over the Death (1993)超越死亡超越死亡Mainland China
261 Painted Skin (1993)画皮之阴阳法王畫皮之陰陽法王Hong Kong
262 Perfect Couples (1993)皆大欢喜皆大歡喜Hong Kong
263 Perfect Exchange (1993)至尊36计之偷天换日至尊36計之偷天換日Hong Kong
264 Pink Bomb (1993)人生得意衰尽欢人生得意衰盡歡Hong Kong
265 Plum Mansion, The (1993)梅花公馆梅花公館Mainland China
266 Policeman and the Thief, The (1993)神警奇偷神警奇偷Mainland China
267 Policewoman's Duty (1993)女警天职女警天職Mainland China/Hong Kong
268 Power of Love (1993)情不自禁之想入非非情不自禁之想入非非Hong Kong
269 Private Guard, The (1993)私人保镖私人保鏢Mainland China
270 Project S (1993)超级计划超級計劃Hong Kong
271 The Prostitute and the Raftsman (1993)悲烈排帮悲烈排幫Mainland China
272 Prowess, The (1993)神通神通Mainland China
273 The Puppetmaster (1993)戏梦人生戲夢人生Taiwan
274 Quenchless Desire (1993)情劫情劫Hong Kong
275 Raped by an Angel (1993)香港奇案之强奸香港奇案之強姦Hong Kong
276 Red Firecracker Green Firecracker (1993)炮打双灯炮打雙燈Mainland China/Hong Kong
277 Remains of a Woman (1993)郎心如铁郎心如鐵Hong Kong
278 Rescue the Hostage (1993)龙虎群英龍虎群英Mainland China
279 Retribution Sight Unseen (1993)盲女72小时盲女72小時Hong Kong
280 Revenge (1993)报仇報仇Mainland China/Taiwan
281 Revenge of Three (1993)龙凤娇龍鳳嬌Mainland China
282 Reveries on Old Shanghai (1993)海上旧梦海上舊夢Mainland China
283 The Rich Master From Hong Kong (1993)香港少爷香港少爺Mainland China
284 Rocking Killer (1993)摇滚杀手搖滾殺手Mainland China
285 Romantic Affair in Provincial Capital (1993)省城里的风流韵事省城里的風流韻事Mainland China
286 A Roof With a View (1993)天台的月光天台的月光Hong Kong
287 Rosy Dream (1993)玫瑰的梦玫瑰的夢Mainland China
288 Rovers in West (1993)西部狂野西部狂野Mainland China
289 Ruined Dreams (1993)鸳梦惊魂鴛夢驚魂Mainland China
290 Run and Kill (1993)乌鼠机密档案烏鼠機密檔案
291 Run for Life Lady from China (1993)风起云涌之情迷香江風起雲湧之情迷香江Hong Kong
292 Sam the Iron Bridge (1993)晚清风云--武状元铁桥三晚清風雲--武狀元鐵橋三Hong Kong
293 The Scienctist Jiang Zhuying (1993)蒋筑英蔣筑英Mainland China
294 Seals of Castles (1993)雪国情仇雪國情仇Mainland China
295 Secret Signs (1993)证人證人Hong Kong
296 Select Wife in Computer (1993)电脑选妻電腦選妻Mainland China
297 Sex Flower (1993)欲海花慾海花Hong Kong
298 Sex For Sale (1993)省港流莺省港流鶯Hong Kong
299 Sex Scandal (1993)桃色新闻桃色新聞Mainland China
300 Shadow Cop (1993)神探干湿褛神探乾濕褸Hong Kong
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